Anyone close to their goal?

I'm 5'5" and 28 yrs old. I started at the end of January to get back to where I used to be 3 yrs ago. I love to run for
exercise. I just started using fitnesspal 4ish wks ago and I LOVE it!! It's been a tremendous help.
Here are my stats:

SW: 136
CW: 121.3
GW: 118 (almost there!!)


  • kirlia
    kirlia Posts: 81 Member
    I'm actually at my goal, and my stats are pretty similar to yours - I'll add you!
  • ale820823
  • cococa
    cococa Posts: 122 Member
    Pretty similar to you too! Glad MFP is helping and good luck!
  • shelbygt350h
    I wanted to get back to my weight from 3 yrs. ago also. I started Jan.12Th. weighing 151 lbs. (after a major high 5 years ago of 180) and hit my goal of 135 lbs. @ the end of Feb. I decided to try for goal #2 of 130 lbs. of which I hit 4 weeks I'm 128 lbs. and keep adding new goals. This is an amazing website for anybody trying to lose weight. I am @ what was my heaviest High School weight right final goal is 120-125...but I am very happy @ 128 lbs. :))
  • ale820823
    That's awesome Shelby! Keep up your good work!!
  • Romey5
    Romey5 Posts: 157 Member
    Great work getting so close to your GW in just a few weeks! I am almost at my GW... again. 123 is hard for me to get down to, but I keep trying, and would like to be closer to 120. I am currently around 125ish. Logging food and weighing in several times a week keeps me in check. Feel free to add me if you like!
  • Kortney2414
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    Close as well! Started really focusing on what I put IN my body and up'ing my running game on January 9th.

    SW: 135
    GW by March 21: 125 (Did it!)
    CW: 123.2
    GW by May 14: 120

    Romey~ I feel ya! 120 is starting to feel impossible but I'm not giving up! What do you do for exercise?
  • luticiaf
    luticiaf Posts: 92 Member
    NO! for whatever reason, i've gained back a pound and am staying there! all signs point to that i should be losing, just not happening:(

    doing a squat challenge so i'm blaming it on my newly bulging booty, but i also think i'm fooling myself...
  • majinuni
    majinuni Posts: 12
    I'm at 131 and my GW is 130...I'm not sure what to do at this point, as I am still losing (probably because I have eased off on the workouts and am losing muscle mass--ha!). I'm set to "lose 1/2 pound per week" still, but I don't know that I want to do that. On the other hand, if I switch to "maintain", I'm worried I'll start gaining again.

    Still logging, still active--feel free to add me if you are in a similar boat!
  • Butyou
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    I'm 5'5 as well. I'v got 10 or 15 more lbs to go.
    I'm so pleased with my results this far. I think I may have lost a little this week but I'm weighing in tonight!
    Thanks for sharing.
  • JessicaDumont2
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    I'm close to mine. :) I am 5'9 and weigh 129. My goal weight is 125. But when I hit that, I am going to focus more on strength training to get toned up. I do some strength training now, but more cardio than anything.
  • ECR1989
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    I'm about 140lbs and want to get to about 135 - so nearly there!!

    SW was 167 so when I get there I will have lost over 30 pounds :)

    I'm 5'5, UK music student, studying in Germany! I'm doing Insanity (nearly finished month 1) and i eat 2000 cals a day :D and still losing!
  • amiaow
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    I'm close to mine too, only a couple of kg to go. I was aiming for a certain BF% (which is low, don't tell me off) and not scale weight. I've lost 9lb in the last six weeks which I am really proud of, tracking everything really does work! :)