April 23 challenge

I wanted to give everyone enough time to arrange this. Don't get confused this is Tuesday's challenge. The challeng is work out with a friend, family member, or significant other. Please explain what you did.

Complete the challenge and earn one large
Add 50 crunches get another large

Happy work out!

The Don


  • andersonjo0306
    andersonjo0306 Posts: 304 Member
    Replying to the post because it was lost in the posts. This I have done for sure. I have a workout partner at lunch and we go to the gym. After work my husband and I do, what we affectionately call, our FAT WALK.
  • MKCD123
    MKCD123 Posts: 86 Member
    I am confused what day this is the challenge for lol, but somehow I thought it was yesterday so I did 30 pushups with my daughter:)
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member

    Matawna walked with a friend
  • Sunsama
    Sunsama Posts: 100 Member
    Biked to school with my hubby today (8 miles round trip) and took the puppies for a 2 mile walk! =D Plus, got the crunches in =P And its not even lunch time! Woot !!
  • Topher1978
    Topher1978 Posts: 975 Member
    I don't have anyone to work out with. I cannot do this challenge. Can I do my cardio as the challenge? Unless tearing up the basement floor and wall with my brother counts... does that count?
  • pandoraw
    pandoraw Posts: 143 Member
    I don't work out with anyone and no one I know would even walk with me. BUT my dog does walk and run with me and loves it.
    So I am working out today by running 30 min with my dog Pandora. She is the best partner ever.
  • sarahp4769
    sarahp4769 Posts: 69 Member
    I had no one to work out with today, i did try but my partner was having none of it! I did, however, have the company of my 2 kittens who climbed all over me while I did my chunches, and looked bemused when I did some squats!
  • karendee4
    karendee4 Posts: 558 Member
    Team Sacromoni

    I did a tabata style YouTube video with my son. (raining outside)

    Then I did 50 crunches
  • jacksagod
    jacksagod Posts: 176 Member
    12 floors climbed today
    6.02 miles traveled today

    went for a hill climbing hike with my ex-fiancee, trail overlooked the lake
  • cbo1o
    cbo1o Posts: 55 Member
    I went to the gym with my daughter and did weights, biking and crunches.
  • Meemilla
    Meemilla Posts: 46
    Team Sacrimoni
    Walked 4.0 37 mins with Debbie
    P90X Legs and Back with Ab Ripper X and 105 squats w
    ith Karena
    50 crunches
    Oh and cycling with my grandbaby Remi 5.2 miles at 11 mph.
    BAM!! Finito!
  • heppin1
    heppin1 Posts: 32 Member
    Team Sacrimoni

    did turbo fire with my sister! and 50 crunches!!
  • Prephred
    Prephred Posts: 140 Member
    LOL I did the Silver sneakers muscular workout with one of my workout buddies. (Nope not a silver sneaker yet) It means going to a cardio class with a bunch of lil ol people and me being run into the ground. I am beginning to catch up with them though. This challenge is helping. Can't wait for the outdoor lazy river to open so I can walk against the current. Sooon. And since I can't do crunches, I did 25 wall pushups and 25 diamond pushups
  • Kimberly3013
    Kimberly3013 Posts: 78 Member
    I walked with my instructor today at lunch (not sure exactly how far but we went around the outside of the hospital). I also did 50 crunches. Trying to make up for not being able to get in my kicks yesterday.
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member

    Missmegan 45 mins rocking body with bf 75 bicycle crunches
    Taylor0204 Today at lunch I talked to one of my classmates about why I became a vegetarian. She was excited about the thoughts and decided to give Meatless Mondays a try 50 crunchs done
    Heppin1 Turbojam with sister
    Anagraphy Convinced a friend to come check out my gym... It's pretty different, and I thought she'd like the vibe. We did a light upper body workout and then went for a walk..
    Matawna 50 crunches done /walk with friends twice today :)
  • MissJen84
    MissJen84 Posts: 109 Member
    I did weights with my friends tonight, I dont lift as often as I should so it was nice to have someone else there to motivate me. I'm excited! We are trying Zumba tomorrow =)
  • mochalishious
    mochalishious Posts: 97 Member
    Sorry I don't have any one to work out but I did work out
  • PamelaGatorMom
    PamelaGatorMom Posts: 348 Member
    My co-worker that I'm friends with started working on getting healthier & losing weight with me in Jan we've been right with each other on weight loss until a few weeks ago, her dad who had cancer took a turn for the worse and ended up passing last week. She was taking about needing to get back on track & in a routine so I encouraged her to come with me tonight to body pump class & she was so happy to be back at the gym & kept thanking me :blushing: I'm just glad I can be there for her since I've lost both my in laws & my mom & father as well.
  • PamelaGatorMom
    PamelaGatorMom Posts: 348 Member
    I also did several crunches in my body pump class if it wasn't 50 it had to be close cause I seriously was ready to puke :sick: after the ab part.
  • monica2410
    monica2410 Posts: 124 Member
    didn't see this challenge to now but i worked out with a friend yesterday anyway!