Hi my name is Carol. I saw my doctor this week, and I was talking to her about my weight. She suggested Medifast, and so here I am!


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    Welcome!! I am loving this program!!! I have lost 28 lbs. in 10 weeks and over 20 inches (from waist, bust, upper arms, thighs, etc). IT's awesome. My 19 year old son is doing it with me and he has lost over 30 lbs and is down a couple pant sizes! :smile:
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    I'm on day 1! :)
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    I'm on week 12. I have lost 60lbs. I have lots more to lose hence the big number. This is not my first time but it is the best I have felt about myself and this program. Before I figured I would lose the weight and than go back to eating fried chicken and a 12 pack of beer each day. Essentially not learning a damn thing this program teaches us. MF is not easy unless your open to change and a bit of 'suffering' at the beginning. It is very limited thus teaching you limitations. Honestly, if we gave ourselves limitations none of us would be here. My suggestion is to give it 1 month of 100% on plan. no tinkering of any kind until you get used to the plan. after that than start to experiment a bit if you wish. I did, all the while keeping in mind that what ever I did that was not on plan may have consequences. I found some tweeks that work for me that did not affect weight loss but everyone is different. I cannot stress "planning" enough. If you know you have a busy day ahead..PLAN for it! Just winging it can easily lead to cheats. Hit the forums whenever you have questions whether it is here of the MF boards.

    Get a Scale!! you need to weigh your L & G. Eyeballing is faulty at best. most people who eyeball servings end up eating LESS than they are allowed.

    Good luck! the first week is a bear but gets easier after that.
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    Best of luck! I lost all my weight on Medifast (almost 100 pounds). It's really easy and structured. If you follow it, you should have great results! :) I tended to eat too much meat every day so I wasn't 100% on target every day, but it definitely taught me better eating habits than my pizza & fast food bingeing.
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    WELCOME! The first 5 days suck, but then it gets easier I promise!!!!
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    Welcome! I lost 75lbs on the program with a health coach. Your going to love it!
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    Welcome, Carol! Yeah, the first few weeks are tough but MF is an awesome program and it changed my life completely. I have lost 30 pounds and about 35 inches since last August and am feeling better than I have in years. Feel free to add me as a friend if you would like. there is a lot of great support here on MFP so take advantage of it.
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    My name is KC. I'm in my second month on MF and down 10 lbs. I had lost 30 lbs on my own in the previous year but my blood sugar was still high so I started TSFL (MF) on March 14th. I plateaued for a coupled weeks until I talked to nutrition hotline and they reviewed my diet and exercise. They said I needed to eat 3-5oz more protein a day and my weight would start dropping again. AND IT HAS!! This program is so much more than calorie counting. It is FOOD, EDUCATION, SUPPORT, and TRANISTION,
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    Thanks everyone.
    I'm on day one.....and so far so good. lol
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    Welcome to the newbies!!! Feel free to friend me :)

    I am in the middle of week 4 - In 3 weeks I've lost 14.2 lbs!!! I am loving this plan!

    The first few days kinda sucked - I didn't mind eating on plan but I had a KILLER headache. Like I couldn't get out of bed/off the couch and wanted to curl up in a ball and die kind of headache. Having my pickles as an optional snack and drinking some chicken bouillon REALLY helped with that.

    Also, make sure you are drinking at least 8 oz of water and if you can try and drink half your body weight of water (in oz of course!). So if you are 150 lbs, try and drink at least 75 oz of water - which would be a little more than 9 glasses.
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    I too am a newbie to this group...and to Medifast as well. Today is the 10 week mark, and I am down 43 pounds and last I checked 23 inches. So happy with the support of others and my health coach. I am feeling so much better and excited to continue down my journey. Good luck to all of you as well! :)
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    Just ordered Medifast for the first time...anxious and excited to get started. Wonder how many days it'll take to arrive :)

    I'm at my heaviest now after having my son a year ago. Have GOT to get this weight off and KEEP it off.
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    Wonder how many days it'll take to arrive :)

    They are really quick. I get mine within two or three days