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Does anybody still play ddr? Would love to start a challengers thread! We have H4X In the Groove where I am. Still working on Fireflies (13) and Salieri Returns (13) What are y'all working on?


  • I just joined. (: So, I've been using it.
  • EnderNC
    EnderNC Posts: 383 Member
    Sweet! Welcome! Good to know some people still use it!
  • it's great for my short attention span. XD LOLOL
  • Kiaford
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    I do play DDR. I just pulled it back out after a couple years.
  • beautylovetruth
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    I've played ITG and DDR for about 7 years on and off. Just started playing again no bar for exercise. Working on Medium 5s no bar, have completed Pandemonium on easy no bar.
  • Hello there. Just joined and everything.

    Anyways I've been playing DDR on and off for years, but within the last two I've been using it mostly as a substitute workout when I can't make it to the gym.

    It's great IMO. I swap between Max 2 and Extreme 2... just started playing on Standard mode..I guess a goal song is either Tsugaru or Afronova on Standard.
  • tavisharts
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    I still play it. Just got a new game and pad.

    It's such a fun way to exercise.
  • Laerai
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    I prefer In The Groove, and I play that when I can. I also have DDR for my Wii at home.
  • maykann
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    I haven't played for a while, but when I do, it's usually Extreme or Extreme 2 for the PS2. So many good memories! :)
  • Jojomotivated
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    I play DDR almost daily :D mainly Extreme 2 and SN2, though.
  • jpk1983
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    I used to play back in my glory days. I'm slowly getting back into - starting with Max 2 and doing the slower songs like Secret Rendezvous and Castles in the Sky. I'll slowly make my way up to the faster songs like Kind Lady ;).
  • aaronecobb
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    Im actually playing it now. This is how i lost 80 lbs in like 6 months ten years ago. I play for like 30min or ten songs. Then i use elliptical for another 30 min.

    Then every month add 15 minutes. Started today and felt pretty good. Im exhausted cause of work but i think i can do it