To "The Family"

This was the 1st month The Sopranos Challenge was introduced. We wanted to do something totally different and very interactive.In many ways this in itself was truly a challenge. We realize in the middle of all of the workouts, reporting, tracking, posting, that we all have lives. I am extremely proud of all of you. I think a lot got done. Many tough challenges were attempted and accomplished. We made some good friends from all over the world. We dropped some weight, lost some inches, and had some fun doing it. I believe this group was a success and Lisa & I thank all of you for making this group what it is. See you in May!!!!!!!

The Don & Silvio Dante....AKA: Sean & Lisa


  • ImprovingEla
    ImprovingEla Posts: 396 Member
    Thank you for hosting this event for us and doing so again!
    Especially big thank you for posting videos of exercises, ths really helped me a lot!
    See you next month!
  • mdcjmom
    mdcjmom Posts: 597 Member
    Speaking for myself it has been great to work with you and Lisa
  • andersonjo0306
    andersonjo0306 Posts: 304 Member
    Awesome challenge. So sorry I dropped off at the end with my daughter.....I will pick it up in May with the group. Even if it means doing the challenge in the hospital waiting for my grandbaby's arrival.
  • missmegan831
    missmegan831 Posts: 824 Member
    HUGE thanks to you & Lisa for putting everything together from teams.. to challenges.. to how to challenge videos!!! It means a lot that you both take time out of your lives to help so many others... Looking forward to another great month!!!
  • mocatinho
    mocatinho Posts: 65
    Thank you! this was an awesome way to keep going all month. i loved it. looking forward to may!
  • MissJen84
    MissJen84 Posts: 109 Member
    Thank you for all that you and Lisa do! I attempted and accomplished things I never thought I could do. I enjoyed meeting everyone and it kept me on track better then I do on my own. I'm excited to kick off the May challenge and see what surprises are yet to come :)
  • lizai1
    lizai1 Posts: 32 Member
    I thank you for organising and maintian this amazing group....I am very much looking for to may.
  • info_nrs
    info_nrs Posts: 102 Member
    Great job you two. Your motivation and enthusiasm kept us all going. . . keep it up! Very enjoyable, glad I met everyone in here and great first group for me to join!
  • mudflatmabel
    mudflatmabel Posts: 138 Member
    Thank YOU!

    When I first joined this group, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it through the challenges, but I managed to make it through most of them, even though I had to do a lot of it in the water!

    This has been a fun month, and I am looking forward to next month. Thanks again, for putting this all together!
  • farmwife3815
    farmwife3815 Posts: 326 Member
    A big THANK YOU and a BIG HUG to you and Lisa for doing this. It was awesome!!! I'm so looking forward to May!! Time to get the shrink on!!!