Just Got my Jawbone UP

lawin77 Posts: 5 Member
Just got my Jawbone up yesterday and I need friends that use up also. I'm the only person I know that has one. I like it so far.


  • Ginn24
    Ginn24 Posts: 9 Member
    Hey, I got mine Wednesday and like you am the only one I know who has one. I had been using a Fitbit but have changed to Up and like what ive experienced so far. Feel free to add me :smile: Gin
  • dfiumara
    dfiumara Posts: 2 Member
    I got mine on Tuesday this week; so far I think it is really cool. Just cannot get it to sync with myfitnesspal although it sounds like a common problem from what I see so far.
  • sstan03
    sstan03 Posts: 102
    I just got my UP yesterday. I am looking forward to getting the results from it and seeing how it syncs up with MFP. Feel free to add me as I do not know anyone with an UP and I think it would be great to challenge each other.

    Also, Happy mothers day!
  • kegger1997
    kegger1997 Posts: 74
    i just got mine for mothiers day. would love to find some team members
  • Fay132010
    Fay132010 Posts: 24 Member
    i've ordered mine and it's set to arrive on the 15 :) i'm so excited as i'll be able to track my activity- without LOOKING like a fitness fanatic, as it's discreet, unlike the nike fuelband or fitbit devices
  • DesignGuy
    DesignGuy Posts: 457 Member
    I got one this past week and love it. Glad you got one!

    And I'm always up for adding people, so anyone who's interested, just drop me a friend request.

    I don't sync mine with MFP though. Actually, I don't even know how. :)

    BTW, you can add team members on the UP app.
  • dfiumara
    dfiumara Posts: 2 Member
    Are you able to get it to sync? Iamso frustrated, usually I can figure this stuff out!
  • skinney1357
    skinney1357 Posts: 68
    I just got mine last week. I don't sync with mfp but I would like to add a team? How do we do that? It would be great to get a little more competetive with it :)
  • editorgrrl
    editorgrrl Posts: 7,060 Member
    skinney1357 said:
    I don't sync with mfp but I would like to add a team? How do we do that?
    You can find friends by name or e-mail address, or via Facebook and Twitter: https://jawbone.com/kb/articles/416.html

    DesignGuy said:
    I don't sync mine with MFP though. Actually, I don't even know how.
    Here at myfitnesspal.com, click the APPS tab at the top right. Jawbone UP is at the bottom of the page: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/apps/show/97
    The Up App instructions to connect to MFP are at https://jawbone.com/kb/articles/432.html#mp04

    Edited to add that should you ever wish to unlink MFP & Up, go back to http://www.myfitnesspal.com/apps/show/97 and click “Disconnect accounts” or follow the directions at https://jawbone.com/kb/articles/432.html#mp06
  • Fay132010
    Fay132010 Posts: 24 Member
    I've got mine :) i love it so far and it only arrived this afternoon :D
  • DesignGuy
    DesignGuy Posts: 457 Member
    I just synced mine for the heck of it. Took about 2 hours for the sync to come in. I think I read after the initial sync it's a 30 min delay.
  • lawin77
    lawin77 Posts: 5 Member
    If anyone wants to add me to their UP team my email addy is [email protected]
  • skinney1357
    skinney1357 Posts: 68
    Feel free to add me too! [email protected]
  • JilliejamOne
    JilliejamOne Posts: 17 Member
    Just got my UP and love it!! Now I am looking for friends to help support each other.
    Please add me to your up team. if your are a fun and supportive.

    One Step at a Time
  • sstan03
    sstan03 Posts: 102
    hey all, I am enjoying my UP. I have had it a week now and am enjoying seeing my steps. If I do not hit 100%, I end up going for an evening walk to make sure I get that 100%. Feel free to ad me to you team as I know no one with one. sstan03 at gmail dot com. that is a zero. So how is everyone else doing with their UP?
  • JediMasterDoug
    JediMasterDoug Posts: 13 Member
    I got my UP app and MFP to sync. This is what I did. I deleted UP from MFP and I deleted MFP from UP. I then went into MFP and added UP as an app first. Then I added MFP to the UP app. It works just fine both ways. Here is what I found out:
    Not every calorie you burn get transferred to MFP. You have to bust through about 5,000 steps to even have it show up. If you enable negative calories on MFP, then when you're low on steps for a day you will have less calories to spend...which was a great motivator for me!

    Add me on UP! and on here!
    [email protected]
  • GBO323
    GBO323 Posts: 336 Member
    I got the UP the day after MFP started syncing with them. Looks like they's worked out the kinks and I'm very happy with mine. The sleep monitor is an added bonus.
  • Hi, I just got my UP and would love to have some friends for the app! No one I know IRL has this!! [email protected]
  • lvdesertdiva
    lvdesertdiva Posts: 33 Member
    I will send you all invites!! Need all the help I can get lol :)
  • JenWyrd
    JenWyrd Posts: 7
    You can add me, I don't have np any MFP friends yet. would be good to compare notes with people.