UK primals/paleo - help please!

lizibk Posts: 7 Member
Does anyone in UK/England who is doing primal know where I can get coconut butter and any other primal goodie specifics?

Local tesco are doing the Nakd bars and some decent seed snack options and I just about managed to find almond butter in holland&barratt, but need some tips on where to find other things that work well !


  • justaspoonfulofsugar
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    you can buy coconut butter on
    as well as
    I had a great local health food store in Belfast and was always able to get all coconut products there.
    It's also quite easy to make your own(and far cheaper).
    these guys do all pastured/grass fed meats.I was lucky in Ireland to not have any issues getting grass fed.
    I would also check out all your local farmers markets as they often have organic/grass fed meats available and then you are also supporting local industry.
  • MamaVeronicaWorksOut
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    I am in Germany, but we have BIO shops in and around town where I can get pretty much all of the ingredients I need for things. Do you have any BIO shops in your town?
  • SaresMansell
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    You can buy cashew nut butter and almond butter from Waitrose as well :)

    And the Tesco near us do HUGE bags of cashew nuts on their world food isle that work out cheaper than buying the small bags.

    Other than that I'm out, its really difficult to find things for dinner that isn't just salad (which I love, but is getting a little boring everyday)
  • lizibk
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone :)

    Im going to try amazon for coconut butter as our local holland&barratt doesnt do it.. I will check out the world food aisles too - I think I just need to spend some serious time in the supermarket reading LOTS of labels!!

    Does anyone know if wasabi peas are primal friendly?
  • TriLifter
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    Does anyone know if wasabi peas are primal friendly?

    Peas are a legume and therefore off limits (you could use the 80/20 rule on them, though). Peapods, hoever, like snap peas and green beans, are allowable.