Morning runners: do you get sleepy in the afternoon?

hi all!

I wake up arnd 5am to run from 6-7am, I go to bed by 10pm.
I eat small meals, a salad for lunch...
at around 2:30 pm (right now) I feel so sleepy!

Any tips to survive the office? I'm drinking coffee, but man am I still sleepy! and yawning! lol



  • sarahc001
    sarahc001 Posts: 477 Member
    Quick walk outside and a cold bottle of water?
  • _Waffle_
    _Waffle_ Posts: 13,049 Member
    It varies from day to day. I can survive on 6 hours of sleep for a few days in a row but I need the occasional 7-8 hour night to get back to normal otherwise I do feel sleepy in the afternoon.
  • dorianaldyn
    dorianaldyn Posts: 611 Member
    I'm up at 4:05, usually running between 4:30 and 5:30 am. I get SO tired in the afternoon. I try to walk around the office a bit, drink some cold water, etc. I get plenty of sleep because I go to bed really early - I honestly just think it's natural to get a little sleepy in the afternoon. There are plenty of cultures that believe in an afternoon nap. I wish I lived in one of those!
  • mellorunner
    Quick walk outside and a cold bottle of water?

    This, moving around is huge. I get drowsy a lot in the afternoons, especially over the winter when I did my longer runs (75-90 minutes) in the morning so I only had to do the short ones in the afternoon. By the time my afternoon classes or work came around I was barely awake. I found that moving around though, walking around the office a bit even if I couldn't get outside, was really helpful.
  • CarsonRuns
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    Up at 5 or earlier. Bed by 10.

    Coffee all day. :)

    Yeah, I could use a nap around 2:30 every day. On the rare occasion that I get to take one, it's's like...magic. :D
  • WannabeStressFree
    WannabeStressFree Posts: 340 Member
    YES! I love naps- though Corp America doesn't.
    I am on coffee most of the day but it fails me at this time! So I do try to walk around, drink water...etc. I think walking around is the best thing so far that I've tried...

    Glad to hear I'm not alone in this, I thought it might just be me! lol
  • DavidMartinez2
    DavidMartinez2 Posts: 840 Member
    I do one cup of coffee in the morning and 1 can of Rockstar Recovery in the afternoon and yes I get sleepy after lunch. I tend to cruise around the building and peek in on a few people to try and get my energy levels back up.
  • davemunger
    davemunger Posts: 1,139 Member
    I typically get up around 5:30 a.m. and run from 6 - 7. Yep, I get sleepy in the afternoon, but fortunately I work at home and can take a nap if I need to. If you can figure out a way to get a 20-minute nap in it will do wonders. Maybe in your car? Don't go longer than 20 minutes though, or you'll wake in the middle of a sleep cycle and be even sleepier!
  • Zekela
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    I run so that I don't get tired and bored throughout the day. Generally I get 7 - 8 hrs of sleep though.
  • mjpTennis
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    On days like this I drink a a k coffee with 1 taespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil. Called bulletproofing your coffee and the natural fats from the butter triggers some good reactions - more alert and it is also triggering to burn fat instead of storing it. I start my day with this coffee too. Helps me to reduce my sugar intake.
  • natalie412
    natalie412 Posts: 1,039 Member
    I always go to bed too late (midnight or later), which make 5:30 pretty early. When I can't get a nap in, I try a ginseng based energy supplement, or a guarana supplement. And I always have my afternoon cappuccino or espresso! Last night I got about 4.5 hours, so I really hope I can get a nap around lunchtime. Helps that I have my own business and work from home a lot!
  • algebravoodoo
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    Desperately sleepy about 2:30 or so. I end up taking a power nap in my recliner almost as soon as I get home after work.
  • ZenInTexas
    ZenInTexas Posts: 781 Member
    I usually don't. But every once and a while, generally after several days in a row of being up at 5 I will have a day where I'm just dog tired. I then will go to sleep at 8 that night.:tongue: I find getting up and moving around and drinking a bunch of water helps.
  • MorganLeighRN
    MorganLeighRN Posts: 411 Member
    I will sometimes take a 10-15 minute cat nap to help rejuvenate myself. I am usually in bed around 10 or so and up around 5:30/6 and run around 6/6:30 and then go to work or school.
  • TheBrolympus
    TheBrolympus Posts: 586 Member
    My lunch time will become nap time if I am really wore out.
  • fabiomuralha
    fabiomuralha Posts: 114 Member
    I just run in the morning on Saturday and Sunday, my long runs. After the lunch I would like to take a nap, but my body can't waste my time sleeping. LOL I don't like to sleep much at night too, at maximum 7h of sleep per night.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
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    I sometimes run at 5am, but I immediately do a post-workout ON shake and have coffee ($tarbucks Veranda) and a carb bomb within the next couple of hours. The only reason I get tired is because of my job - the place I have to go to when I'm not running/cycling.
  • WannabeStressFree
    WannabeStressFree Posts: 340 Member
    I really don't have the option of taking an afternoon nap (sad), but it's nice to hear different experiences. I do find that after a few days I go to sleep at around 8-9 pm and wake up rejuvenated! I also sleep in on Sundays (if I can) it's a welcome treat...

    I do agree that my job makes me tired (office job), i'd rather be running! lol
  • Linli_Anne
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    I find that on the afternoons of my long runs (Saturday or Sunday mornings) I am ready to crash, hard. But, kids and week-end commitments/responsibilities won't allow that, so, I make sure that I'm fuelling my body well, have a coke zero, and get moving with the kids. Later that night I'm in bed by 9:30!

    On the evenings when I do shorter runs, if it is anything less than an hour it doesn't affect me, but after the hour mark I find that I have a hard time peeling myself out of bed the next morning, and my energy levels suffer through out the day.
  • veg_runner
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    Get more sleep if at all possible. I'm at my best when I get 8-10 hours consistently and I don't drink coffee or other stimulants and never feel tired. Make sure you are eating plenty of carbohydrates too, the more the merrier (just look at all those skinny rice munching asians). That will ensure you always have glucose going to your cells which is the most important thing our body needs to function properly.