Whats your major?



  • degausser234
    degausser234 Posts: 157 Member
    Fine Art Studio, so I'm basically focusing my attention to photograph, sculpture, and printmaking :)
  • Religion with a Japanese Studies minor!!
  • raneylfrick
    raneylfrick Posts: 380 Member
    I'm a Criminal Justice major and looking to put more of my focus into Forensics....DNA testing
  • I'm doing the BA in Studio Art program now, and my masters will be in Multi-Age Education (:
  • klw912
    klw912 Posts: 1
    Environmental Microbiology grad student :D
  • ibtiamat
    ibtiamat Posts: 26 Member
    Natural Sciences. :D
    Also, planning on getting a certificate in photography. I am already a natural at it, I just need the piece of paper to back it up. :tongue:
  • xenvrae
    xenvrae Posts: 7 Member
    Psychology with interest in Child Psychology.
  • Chelsearenee9
    Chelsearenee9 Posts: 17 Member
    Elementary education! :-) in my third year of it. 5th year of college though (switched my major from nursing to radiology finally to where I am) :-p
  • HilaryMPeters
    HilaryMPeters Posts: 3 Member
    Hi, I'm Hilary! My major is Visual Journalism, focusing on photography.
  • saranevans
    saranevans Posts: 63 Member
    My names Sara and I'm getting my bachelors in Animal Science with the intentions of going on to Vet School afterwards.
  • char316
    char316 Posts: 72 Member
    Life time student? I am an RN working in case management. So congrats to all you nursing and social work students. Now in Grad school for a degree in Pastorial Studies. Possibly to be a Chaplain.
  • YvethM
    YvethM Posts: 2
    Culinary Arts and food service management
  • starswillfly
    starswillfly Posts: 22 Member
    My name's Ruth and my major is in Elementary Education. :) 2 years down, 2 more to go. Starting on my third year in a week or so. x) Yay!
  • emelia_
    emelia_ Posts: 91
    Biology major and heading to grad school next year unless I decide to go into pharmacy!
  • rkasper22
    rkasper22 Posts: 61 Member
    diagnostic medical sonography! ultrasounds :)
  • asia_hanebach
    asia_hanebach Posts: 275 Member
    chemical and bio engineering :)
  • SpinCyn
    SpinCyn Posts: 94 Member
    Done a BAC in Linguistics with a minor in Psyc.....applying into speech therapy but also starting another BAC on the side in Human Relations(specialization)
  • alyssarof2012
    alyssarof2012 Posts: 33 Member
    Biology with a predent advisory track.
  • ashandstuff
    ashandstuff Posts: 442 Member
    Undergraduate: Geology
    Masters: Soil Science
  • BA in Social Work