Week Eight Challenges: July 21 - August 3

Here are the challenges for Week Eight, Sunday, July 21 thru Saturday, August 3:

Family Day
Pamper Yourself Day
Pay It Back Day
Water Day
Community Day
Body Toning Day (Legs)
Music Appreciation Day

For a complete description of each challenge, please see the Weekly Activities discussion.

Happy Camping!


  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151
    Family Day was Sunday when my hubby and I got together with his sisters, etc. playing cards at his mom and dad's house. Water Day was either Monday when I went for a walk with my niece and we went through all the lawn sprinklers in the neighborhood, or yesterday when I went swimming at the hotel. Pamper Yourself Day was yesterday when I relaxed in the whirlpool after my workout. Body Toning Day was Monday...completed leg raises and other leg exercises. Music Appreciation Day is nearly every day on this cross country vacation, since Sirius radio is on in the car constantly. Pay It Back Day was Monday: in the morning I went to the bank and handled some transactions for mom (she was always there for me when I was a school teacher and needed help) and I took my sisterinlaw with me to the gym as my guest (she and I don't always see eye to eye but she has always tried to be supportive) and also showed my mominlaw some kitchen exercises she can do for her "wings" (she wanted to know if I had any suggestions for her because she noticed how I had lost weight).
  • dmdegrassi
    dmdegrassi Posts: 151

    FYI - Cabin averages are based on actual number of campers PARTICIPATING.

    Best Week Eight Cabin Participation = Cabin 2 with 5 participants.

    Best Points Earned Average Per Cabin = Cabin 3 with 30 points.

    Best Weight Loss Average Per Cabin = Cabin 1 with 1.4 pounds lost.

    Best Points Earned for An Individual = PrajnaFaux with 32 pts.

    Best Individual Weight Loss = spacecurly with 1.9 pounds lost.

    Specific Totals for Cabins below:

    Cabin 1 – Bold Fitness Fanatics (BFFs)
    3 actual participants; Avg Pts = 28.3; Avg Wt Chg = -.1.4
    dmdegrassi 24 pts Unable to weigh in
    Pumpitusa No Results
    prajnafaux 32 pts -1 lbs
    jacksagod 29 pts -1.8 lbs
    lewiscandacea No Results

    Cabin 2 – Determined Divas
    5 actual particpants; Avg Pts = 25.4; Avg Wt Chg = -1
    Super_Mama 25 pts -.2 lbs
    SummerMM1 22 pts -1.6 lbs
    naticksdonna 29 pts -1.2 lbs
    traynorj82 21 pts -1 lbs
    futurefitgirl3 30 pts -1 lb

    Cabin 3 – Win To Thin
    4 actual participants; Avg Pts = 30; Avg Wt Chg = -.6
    SavvyGurl0528 31 pts -0 lb
    karendee4 27 pts -0 lbs
    spacecurly 31 pts -1.9 lbs
    Prephred 31 pts -.8 lbs