Fitness/diet consulting project - adding more clients soon.

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Hey everyone,

A while back, I had posted a thread looking for participants for one-on-one consulting as a means to:

a) Help people in this community
b) Gain experience that will prove valuable to me if/when I decide to start doing this part-time to supplement my career.

This is just sort of a preliminary announcement that I will be re-posting the application to participate soon.

This is a free service and no money will exchange hands .

Previous applicants who were not selected are still eligible but you will need to re-apply .

Please reply here with "I'm interested" if you would like to apply.

Please DO NOT reply to this thread if you are not interested, unless you have a relevant question. Please do not reply to bump or tag this thread or to follow along. Let me be clear on this: I ONLY want you to reply if you are interested or if you have a relevant question as I'm keeping track of number of replies and listing participants.

Failure to abide by the above request may result in you pissing me off. =)

Relevant details can be seen here (although timeline in this thread is no longer accurate):

^^ Go to that link to get a general idea as to what this is about.

At some point in the near future I will send a group invite to interested participants where you will receive an application to fill out and PM to me.

That's all =)


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