Easy foods for baby

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Hey guys,

So, i am the worst mom ever. my son is 7 months old, and I have hardly given him any solids (I pretty much just EBF). He outright rejects the stuff in a jar, and I hate hate hate the idea of steaming, pureeing, etc. (I can barely cook for myself.)

What are some some easy things that I can make him?

So far I have had success with mashed avocado and Cream of Wheat...

PS: He doesn't have any teeth yet.


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    Solids before 1 is just or fun any way. Technically you could just ebf for a year and be fine. Bananas mashed up a bit, peas, black beans. You can nuke sweet potato. If you google baby led solids you might get some ideas. I personally feel like if they can't chew it up then they aren't ready to be eating it. Lol
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    i know what you mean about steaming and pureeing. I'm terrible in that department as well. lol I usually do mashed bananas with avocados, cereals for breakfast. I know some people already give their LOs baby yogurt. For snacks we have mum-mums (loooove those), baby puffs,yogurt melts and today i just bought some gerber veggie puffs (they are the same shape like cheetos) those were a big hit. I let him self feed with snacks so he knows how to use his hands to eat. These are all safe and choke free since they melt in your mouth. I also buy a LOOOOT of fruits and let him suck on them as well, starwberries are his favorite, I recently just bought champagne grapes to try out, They are soooo tiny,they make a perfect finger snacks. As for foods,I give him squash and sweet potatoes. Peas are also awesome finger foods and seamed carrots. (you can buy the bags from the freezer aisle or the salad aisle for the fresh ones that a microwave steam-able for less work :)) I also give him mashed potatoes and cut up small pieces of chicken, he loooves it (of-course not a lot, just a few pieces its not time for him to fill up with foods). My daughter and husband gives him french fries when I'm not looking and he seems to enjoy those as well but i told them not to do that anymore, of course no one listens to me. Ha Breast milk is still his main food but he absolutely loves solids.
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    p.s. If he's not showing interest in solids,then i wouldn't force it on him. My daughter didn't start solids until she was around the 9 month mark. But on the other hand, my son is majorly interested in solids (he's6.5months) he started showing interest around 5-5.5months, but I didn't start with solids until 6months and he grabs at everything and puts every food he can in his mouth (I have a 3yr old that always feeds him) He knows how to swallow and how to soften the foods in his mouth, we have never had issues with choking. I heard you have more issues with choking if you only introduce purees cause baby doesn't learn how to mesh things with his gums and tongue.
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    Pureeing is really easy. I hated doing it with my big blender/food processor so I whipped out my coffee grinder and it made it sooo easy. I can make small servings and it's so easy to clean. It's really not as difficult as it sounds.
    You can also just mash things up after cooking them for a while. Cooking for babies is easy because you're not supposed to use spices or flavourings anyways. So you can just boil something for a while and if it's something that gets very soft like potatoes you can just mash with a fork. You can also easily mash things like bananas and avocados. You can grate apples and pears.
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    My daughter will not eat any baby food. She's almost 11 months but at about 7 months i started giving her avocado,cheese(colby),yogurt(plain),sweet potato,acorn squash,spaghetti squash,boiled carrots. I used to let her suck on some
    asparagus,green bean(but make sure he doesn't swallow). Now at 10 3/4 months, she's eating pretty much everything we eat....and has almost 5 teeth so that helps. ha!
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    Baby oatmeal is good and has lots of iron :) My older son hated the single-ingredient jar foods, but you have to do them to rule out allergies. He liked the dual-food (or more) mixes. Earth's Best has some great combos that actually tasted good. I used to stock up the second it went on sale because everyone else had the same idea!
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    I have a NUBY brand mesh food holder. I pop in any fruit or veggie and he goes to town! This way I'm not worried about choking as he just sucks it and itty pieces and the juice comes out. It's a bit of a mess to clean, but way better then pureeing everything!
    For lunch today he managed to eat an entire peach but refused all his cereal. Try it!
    (he is 8months - no teeth - not a fan of being spoon fed)
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    I make our baby food too, so I would echo a lot of what the others are saying. I know it seems daunting, but if you just plan to do it one day a week, and make a few at a time, it's really so simple and nice on your wallet as well:) I have a baby-food-making party for myself on Saturdays about twice a month. That way I don't feel like I'm making food constantly.
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    Both my kids eat the baby food in the jar. If you read most of the brands ingredients its really the fruit or veggie and water of course there are some out there that have additives but not all.

    I give my daughter mashed potatoes, broccoli, hush puppies, pinto beans, the list could go on I will usually take whatever I am eating and give her pieces of it to try new things. She has 3 teeth right now so she has more options. I try to stay away from high allergy foods like milk, soy, eggs, strawberries and peanuts till she is at least 1 year old since they are the most common food allergies that can be deadly and its harder to help babies whose airways are closing. Although I have given her tastes of foods with milk in it I am just lucky that she didn't have a reaction I guess.

    I tried those puffs that you see in the baby aisle and she turned her nose up to them. To me that stuff in the baby aisle is a waste of money I can find items similar to those in the cracker aisle and cereal aisle that my whole family can eat as well or for cheaper price. For example gerber makes meat sticks which are right around $1 per jar but vienna sausages are the exact same thing and those are $.38 (my son loved those things) they are great finger foods because they are soft unlike hot dogs but are very similar. Also vanilla wafers are good because the babies can suck on them and they go soft. Also there are many cereals out there that are close to the puff type consistency that I can buy and everyone can eat. I am all about saving money and with two kids that is impt. Once he gets teeth cheerios are fantastic for the little ones easy to pick up too.

    I have seen those NUBY mesh bags and have thought about getting one they are really neat looking they weren't around when my son was a baby and are a great idea. Letting them try different foods are key and that is a great way for fruit and veggies to be introduced especially when they do not have teeth yet. They are also affordable the one I saw was only $4.99.