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OK so I have walked at least .5 miles EVERY single days since starting MFP 100 days ago. I joined a gym about 3 weeks ago and have lifted 3x/week at least so far. Now it is time to get back on the KB train. I'm going to do a super simple circuit as that will be the best route to keep me from quitting KBs cause I'm a lazy bones.

TGU left side
KB swings
TGU right side
KB swings
KB Russian twist
KB swings

Today I will figure out if I'm doing these for time or going for a certain number of reps. I want this to be a 5min circuit I can do upon waking, before bed and during the day when I have been inactive too long.

Goal is to do this for AT LEAST 1 circuit EVERY DAY for 98 days and ends on my 200 day anniversary. Only plan to update if I change the circuit, failed challenge, or completed challenge.

Looking forward to seeing other "KB reboot" topics started. :)


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    Hey, jojo. I am going to a kettlebell class on Tuesdays and Thursdays with an RKC. I just do whatever her W.O.D. is. Given that the peer group is into it and really good shape it winds up being a very hard workout. These days that's pretty much my kettlebell routing as I put 3 days into power lifting and do cardio every day, the most intense of which is my boxing class.

    There are a couple of workouts I have done at home with my wife which I have had fun with. The first took me from 300 lbs to 250 lbs in 5 months. The second I did from 250 until the time I switched to my kettlebell class (I was at 235 at the time I think).

    Kettlebell Circuit
    30 minutes AMRAP (with a heavy kettlebell.)

    -20 Double swings
    -10 Single swings R
    -10 Single swings L
    -10 Clean & press R
    -10 Clean & press L
    -10 Snatches R
    -10 Snatches L

    20 minutes AMRAP
    -1 minute Pushups max
    -1 minute abdominal planks or TGUs

    Circuit training 1 minute each rounds +10 seconds to switch stations
    45 minutes AMRAP
    -Station 1: sumo style goblet squat onto a low box
    -Station 2: Pull up bar bent elbow hang
    -Station 3: Abs: Alternate front, side planks and also Russian twist /w appropriate kettlebell
    -Station 4: Pushups

    Jump rope or shadow boxing 15 minutes

    The kettlebell workouts in my class are more varied, which I like too. We do a LOT more burpees than I ever did at home. Also, now that I've got my powerlifting back online I tend to target more anaerobic intervals or aerobic endurance with kettlebells. I'm still working out with 44 to 62 lb kettlebells, but my anaerobic threshold and V02 max is my weakness currently.
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    Thanks for sharing that. AMRAP stand for anything?
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    Oh, sorry. yeah, AMRAP stands for "As many rounds as possible". I also find it helpful to have a white board sitting around where you can write down your bests and try to work to challenge those.