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    so if I smash an organic blackberry on white carpet I'm good?
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    I don't think it's about getting stronger really quickly, which some do. I think the OP was talking about actually putting on bulky muscles, which MOST women don't. My college roommate, however, was an exception. She used to go running while carrying a walkman -- yes, it was in the stone age -- and she had to alternate arms to avoid building up one huge bicep. I kid you not. Wish I had a pic to show.


    I would facepalm, but a facepalm proportional to what I just read might actually cause brain damage.
    Just make sure that you alternate hands when you face palm. If you use the same hand every time that arm will get a huge bicep compared to the other arm.
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    I used to drink Crystal Light...until I mixed it in a large pitcher and kept it in the fridge. The chemicals that stuck to the glass...yuck! I knew those same chemicals were sticking to my organs...not a pleasant thought. I'm back on the plain water track.

    ERMAHGERD! Not *chemicals*!!! Scary!

    For real though, we need to petition MFP for a facepalm smiley guy.
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    After a 5 day closure which snarled traffic in the Bay Area over the Thursday last week and this weekend, the new bridge opened up early this morning. Last time it was shut down this long was in '89 after the Loma Preita earthquake where a section of the old bay bridge collapsed. Hopefully traffic will be much better now and next week I'll be going to SF and get to check it out.

    Under construction

    Bridge at night

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    So this is where we come to rip on stupidity without getting strikes? Excellent!
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    my cheat meal normally involved some kind of carb since i limit my carb intake from wheats. so even if its brown rice & chicken im happy :)
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    Cucumber acts as a diuretic and flushes fat cells.