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First powerlifting competition!

apriltrainer Posts: 732 Member
Going to do my very first powerlifting competition next month. My lifts are not impressive but I am now addicted to the barbell. Have no idea why it took me so long to put it front and center. I had no problems lifting the dumbells. But still stayed away from the barbell. I actually switched my focus on kettlebells a few months ago, and then for some reason, i started gravitating to the barbell. And wow, it was like a spiritual conversion. I picked it up and never wanted to let it go.

I do not feel this way about dumbells at all. But the barbell? I want a squat rack and an oly bar for christmas now.

So my lifts are not the best, but I am going to compete,regardless of whether my lifts are at novice level. I am not going to wait. I am just going to enter and do my best. I am hoping I can meet more people like me. I am hoping I can get more inspired and having a meet coming up is really keeping me on track with training. Not doing willy nilly non important exercises at the gym. I am completely focused. And being in "training" just is more fun than "exercising" and a hell of a lot more motivating.


  • ChrisLindsay9
    ChrisLindsay9 Posts: 837 Member
    Good luck, April! My first PL event is in October. It's exciting!

    I had a similar experience as you, in that I was weight lifting for awhile and was having a decent time with it. But I've come to love a more powerlifting approach to weight training. I'm addicted to the iron big time!
  • gmallan
    gmallan Posts: 2,099 Member
    Good luck to both of you. Just curious, what are your lifts currently at. Fairly new lifter here and trying to gauge where you'd need to be to compete
  • ChrisLindsay9
    ChrisLindsay9 Posts: 837 Member
    Good luck to both of you.
    Just curious, what are your lifts currently at. Fairly new lifter here and trying to gauge where you'd need to be to compete
    I was wondering the same thing earlier this year, because I wanted to be able to put up respectable numbers before I signed up for an event . So someone in this forum had posted a website with a metric that I used in my training.

    My goal was to be between intermediate and advanced in my weight class, before I sign up for an event. And when I tested for PRs in early July, I met that goal. The numbers are in my profile.
  • MonsterToBe
    MonsterToBe Posts: 244 Member
    Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to be able to put up certain numbers before you're "good enough" to compete! Competing is its own skill. Lifting on the platform is not the same as lifting in the gym, and you'll benefit by going and competing at least once BEFORE you are lifting at a level you think is competitive so that you can learn how things work, find out how much -- or how little -- the meet environment affects you, and most of all to put some numbers on the board to beat at your next meet.

    Don't cut weight for your first meet. Don't go in feeling pressured by how good the other lifters competing are. Go for the experience so that the first time you do walk on to that platform when you're at a competitive level, you have the edge of having done it before. It makes a difference.

    OP, congrats! Here are a couple of resources:

    Regarding attempt selection:

    Meet prep:

    Most of all, have a blast! Powerlifters are awesome people, and you'll learn a lot just from watching the stronger lifters out there doing their thing. :o)
  • zorahgail
    zorahgail Posts: 91 Member
    How exciting April! Good luck & do keep us posted on how it goes.

    December's my target for my first & I'm planning on just having fun with it. Woohoo!
  • apriltrainer
    apriltrainer Posts: 732 Member
    @ Monstertobe-thanks so much for the tips and info. I do feel like I should wait until Im better but hey...I'm going to do it. It's now or never. And on the 14th, I'm going to step up on that plaform. I have throughut my training struggled with the eating. SInce I'm coming from a background where I concentrated solely on a bikini was exhilarating and freeing concentrating on strength. But the past few weeks I have struggled. I am by no means fat at all. I'm a solid 132 and I think I even look better but I'll look at past photos and be tempted to cut....but in those past photos with me in a bikini I wasnt even squatting my bodyweight. I like being strong but I still have a ways to go with getting my head on straight and not being in that world anymore. Thanks for the resources!

    @ zorahgail- Whoohoo! December! Exciting for you too and I shall keep you posted!