Hey Eveyone!! I'm Zara, 21 from the Caribbean.
Second time around doing this challenge. Lost 5.5lbs 1st time around :drinker:
Looking to lose a total of 40lbs the healthy way ( well 35lbs now :) )

Thanks for joining in with me on this challenge so we could get fit & stay fit. :)


  • Pizazz16
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    Hey, Zara! This will be my second round as well. I'm 46 and need to lose 51 pounds overall. I'm looking forward to what this challenge will bring. Thanks for adding me to the group.
  • RedVelvette
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    Hi Team!
    I'm Jen, 39 years old, from sunny San Diego, CA. I am 5'9" and currently weigh 204, highest weight was 229 about 10 years ago, and I was 219 when I started MFP in 2010. I reached goal #1 (205) last month. My next goal is 199 (to finally get back to ONEland!) which now seems doable since I lost about 4 lbs doing the 3,500/wk challenge in August.

    I'm pretty active, love to dance, walk a few miles almost every day, ride the stationary bike at the gym which allows me the ability to make time to read and workout at the same time. I also love Zumba and pilates kicks my *kitten*.

    I'm really excited about this group! Go team!
  • staceysmyname
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    Hi All !!!

    I am Stacey and I am from Northern California. I have struggled with my weight since I met my husband of 14 years as I just became "comfortable". When we met 15 years ago I was 150. I got to my highest a year later at 230. I lost weight to have babies and now I am 176 and struggling to lose.

    I have cut diet soda, and see a huge difference and I feel great. I also just started 5:2 fasting Mon/Thurs and feel great. I just realized that I go to work, sit, and get up to go home after 8 hrs. I use to walk 1 hr a day on my break. I do try to go running but I use the excuse that its too hot.

    I think this challenge is exactly what I need to boost my weight loss.

    I can't wait to work on this challenge with everyone in the group!!
  • Hi there! I'm Nikki from Florida and I am starting over after gaining back 2/3 of what I lost last year. I have yo-yo'd up and down again due to pregnancies, illness and family issues. But I am determined to see this through to the end, regardless of how long it takes!

    I am doing P90X in addition, 5x days of cardio and I am eating a low carb, low sugar diet (temporarily) until I get the next 40 lbs off. After that I will go back to the 40/30/30 method.

    I have spent a great deal of time takng care of everyone else, so now it is time to take car of me!
  • celewis2011
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    Hey all I am carrie I am 36 from MN , i never noticed how big I was really , then it hit me hard one day when the doctor said your weight is 343 that was it for me i knew I had to do something now or if was just going to get worse , so I am here happily today at 314 and still dropping. Everyone feel free to add me as I always need motivation it is still hard moving this big old body.
  • merari0586
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    Hello everyone this is my second time around my name is Merari I'm 30 yrs old and my current weight is 160lb I started with 189lb in 2012 and my goal weigh is 135 lb. I don't have a date to reach my goal as long as i reach it. I now it took me years to realize that i was over weight so i know it will take some time to drop those extra pounds so I'm trying to be patient. I know you need to work hard to obtain results. So we can do this together lets work hard and I'm very proud off each and everyone of you !!!!!!!!!!
  • asp415
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    Hello, I'm Anna. This is my 2nd month w/this challenge. The 3500 challenge really helped me get out there on days I was feeling lazy as well as lose a little over 4lbs. I have been on MFP for I think 130 days (it may be 135). In these 130 days I am learning to lose weight the healthy way. Like most of us I have been on the yoyo roller coaster more than once, but this is the first time I'm doing it right. I.e, no magic potions, shakes, pills or starvation, etc etc. what clicked this time, I can't really say, I just know.
  • mrloserpunk
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    Woah... First male :-)

    I'm Ed from NY. Realised at some point after my daughter was born last year that I was headed down a really bad path. My mother and sister are morbidly obese and have many medical issues. When a doctor told me I had developed sleep apnea due to weight... I was horrified. 5'9 265 pounds. That was the worst.

    Now, I'm down to 224ish. My goal is 185.

    I really like to munch! And I figured out the secret. Exercise! And boy do I like it :)

    I run a lot... Sometimes with my daughter in the jogging stroller, sometimes solo. I have to for e myself to take rest days lol. 5k is my daily jog, and I try to get 1-2 10ks in each week. I also dig going to the rec centre. While there, basketball/rowing are my go to events. I use a polar ft7 and spotify djs my sessions. Of course it's punk rawk :-p

    My diary is open and that's me... In a nutshell!
  • R55T
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    Hi All, I'm Rachel from the Solomons. CW: 80kg GW for end of month is 76kg. Very ambitious goal but I'll give it a go. I have not been doing much exercising in the last month or so, that this time around, I will be using this challenge to get me motivated. All the best everyone in your food & exercise goals. :drinker:
  • ronnie554
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    Ronnie, from Halifax in the Uk.

    Since August last year i have lost 6 and a half stone, my target is 10 stone.

    I really enjoyed the August challenge and seeing this September challenge has really cheered me up, however i go on holiday on 21st September, so it will be a 3 week challenge for me.

    Many thanks for organising. (Add me if there is an October Challenge, i return on the 6th October)

  • marielaem
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    Hi - I'm Ela from South Wales. I jsut did the 3500/week challange and am looking forward to this one - my only problem is that I forget to log in the group ... must do better ..... good luck everyone.
  • HeartRN77
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    My name is Christina I live at the Jersey Shore. I'm 5'4 and currently weigh 150lbs I'm comfortable @ 130-135lbs this is a great challenge I do a mixture of running and various workout videos/weight training. Good luck to everyone.
  • rcorrigan316
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    Hello everyone!

    Thank you for adding me!

    My name is Rebecca and I live in Florida. Over the last 14 years I have continued to gain weight, a total of 115lbs!!!! My goal is to lose all of it plus 5 more. I am 28 weeks in to living healthy and being active. I have lost just over 50lbs to date.

    I enjoy running and have completed 2 5ks since June.

    I am a very competitive person by nature and looking forward to challenging myself this month!
  • cccoursey
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    Hi all,

    My name is Chris. I am from Eastern Alabama. This is my first year on MFP. Still learning a lot of the basics. I did the 3500 A Week August challenge. It really helped to keep me on track. I was doing 1-2 hour of cardio per day sometimes with strength training. Mainly P90X routines. This month I am starting Strong Lifts. I will still be doing an hour of differing P90X cardio routines on alternate days.

    Thank you Zara for again hosting another challenge. Anyone is free to send me a friend request. I keep my diary open and track everything. I am sometimes short but I make up for it on other days. Stick to this, do your best, and drive on. Have fun everyone.
  • alpdexplorer
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    I'm Courtney. 24 years young. Minnesota born and raised. When I started watching what I eat and exercise I was 260lbs (Jul 30). I am down to 249lbs. I would love to be below the 200 mark. I did it once (back in 2010) - I would love to do it again and keep the weight away for good. I've been using the elliptical and Biggest Loser workout DVDs.

    I am pumped about this challenge.

    Good luck everyone <3
  • Singelli
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    Again, thanks so, SO much for inviting me to these! I need to stop slacking due to work! Working out is such a stress reliever anyways.. I shouldn't avoid it!

    If I start slipping, someone needs to chew me out!
  • juang3
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    My name is Julia and I am from northwest Texas. I have been overweight for nearly my entire life. As a child I didn't eat the healthiest but that changed when I hit my late teens, I started eating healthy and have continued to do so. My problem is that if I don't move I don't lose! I reached my heaviest several years ago (176) and have worked really hard to drop that, I got down to 166 last year and then I stalled! I started losing again in April of this year, got down to 160, then my brother died at the end of May and I tried to bury my feelings with food and have regained those 6 pounds. I decided about 2 weeks ago that it's time to get moving again and get the extra pounds off.

    I'm 5'4" and weigh 163.2 today
    My ultimate goal is 140.
    For this challenge, I'm focused on moving! I hope to lose a little weight along the way!
  • DaniettaF
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    I'm Danielle, a 21 year old graduate from Northampton, UK. This is my first group and challenge! Seeing all the positive comments about the last challenge has definitely highlighted that this was a good choice.

    I'm looking to lose 20lb and exercise for me will definitely be the way to do it!
  • Raasy
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    Hey team. My name is Brianne, I am in Moreno Valley, CA. I am 5'4' 225 pounds. I did the August 3500 challenge and loved the challenge so I am back for more. This really is a challenge but it does get me motivated.
    I have been on MFP for 110 days now and I love the support I get, so lets all get this going, stay motivated and we can all do it!
  • ASN2615
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    Hi Team!!!

    I'm Amanda from Chicago. I've been on and off from MFP since April, but this time I'm on for good!! Currently I'm 162 and my goal is 130-135lbs. Can't wait for the support and motivation! I know it will help me out tremendously.