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First Trimester Hunger

bdaves Posts: 13 Member
Hi all,

I am almost constantly hungry, especially in the morning and I'm only 5 weeks along. Did anyone else have this problem in the first trimester?



  • HealthyBodySickMind
    HealthyBodySickMind Posts: 1,207 Member
    I have been constantly nauseous and constantly starving for most of this pregnancy. I'm at 12 weeks today, and up about 3 pounds, eating almost 300 cal a day more than my maintenance on average.
  • laurencanzler
    laurencanzler Posts: 3 Member
    I'm 6 weeks and feel like I'm constantly eating needing to eat! I've actually been feeling like that for a few weeks now, but just realized why :)
  • bdaves
    bdaves Posts: 13 Member
    So glad to know I'm not the only one!

    Congratulations Lauren!
  • Rubyayn
    Rubyayn Posts: 433 Member
    Luckily, I ate a lot like a pregnant women before I concieved and so it was an easy transition for me. hehe

    Even luckier is the 2350 I get in calories per day, even if it sometimes doesn't seem like enough!
  • sarah2002
    sarah2002 Posts: 77 Member
    Yes, I was ravenously hungry until about 5.5 weeks when it turned to constant nausea. So go ahead and eat (healthy things). :)
  • Morgaine_on_the_move
    Morgaine_on_the_move Posts: 228 Member
    Oh my goodness, I had never experienced hunger before like first trimester hunger! I have no idea why since basically you're supposed to eat at maintenance for the first tri. Thankfully my hunger levels diminished for the second and definitely the third tri.

    I am 39 weeks and a few days and have put on more weight than I wanted, though. If I have another baby, I know that I'll need to really rein it in for the first 13 weeks.
  • lisapr123
    lisapr123 Posts: 863 Member
    I recall setting it to lose .5 lb/week in the first trimester (knowing I wouldn't lose, but it was an increase in calories from my pre-pregnancy setting of -2 lbs). I was hungry often hungry & went over if I needed to. Around 16 weeks (when I was off my support progesterone and estrogen for a couple weeks) I finally weighed in and had gained about 3 lbs. Not bad, in my opinion.

    At 26 weeks now I'm rarely feeling famished, so all I can say is it'll (hopefully) get better. Just make good choices, exercise when you can, and you'll be fine. Just check in with yourself and make sure you're not eating when you're not hungry. My husband was big on the whole "oh, you're deserve a treat" or "baby wants chocolate, doesn't it?" thing for a while. Once we had a talk about it and he stopped dangling ice cream in front of me, a lot of my hunger actually subsided. I guess it was the power of suggestion that was making me hungry....
  • JABGoochie
    JABGoochie Posts: 78 Member
    i felt so sick and tired and my food habits changed from my normal to only fancying bread and carbs!
    im almost 14 weeks now and think im starting to feel better so hoping to try and eat porrige and salads again - just wanna eat normally again
    but i just decided to eat what i fancied/needed, when i was hungry. lost weight to start, now put some on
    eating well above my maintenance, averging 2000 cals
    if you are hungry then eat - just try and make it have some nutritional value and only eat when your are hungry (altho sometimes i do eat to stop the nausia)
  • jaireed
    jaireed Posts: 333 Member
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! :flowerforyou:

    Oh my goodness YES! I was SO hungry I wanted to eat my arm! I was starving during my first and second trimester and gained a TON of weight. I know it is hard, but I would recommend eating healthy snacks often. I am 39 weeks preggers and have gained 50 plus pounds. :noway: Much of this was in my first and second trimester. Try drinking lots of liquids water and naturally decaf tea and eating healthy snacks! I wish I had. Not that this weight gain will happen to you! But it would have been nice to gain the 25-30 recommended pounds! Good luck!
  • nan199678
    Hi! I was also starving constantly in my first trimester. I gained most of my weight there but I did actually lose a little too after. I started out heavier than I hoped before my pregnancy so I've been super careful go track food & not gain a ton. My max goal is 15 but less would be great! I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow & am at a 5lb gain! :-) good luck & make sure you're adding a bunch of water. It might help curve the calories from food. Congrats!