Exercise During the 1st Trimester

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Hello Ladies,

I am almost 6 weeks, MS is starting to slowly settle in. Today has been one of the worst I have had so far, previous days my MS would be gone by 10AM....its starting to drag a little longer(at least today has). Also I have been more tired. This is the part that is bothering me, I really wanted to keep to a gym schedule but, I know I should probably not go to a weight training class if I am fatigued. So the guilt is setting in and my mind is playing games with me. Is anyone else having these issues or had them? Also any tips on things to try for an upset stomach?? Thanks!


  • Camerol
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    I definitely slowed down with exercise during the first bit b/c of not feeling good and being tired but I tried to keep doing something. I was weight training before and just reduced what I was doing to what I could handle. I was also running before but then really slowed down and started doing more of a run/walk combo because I was out of breath easier. Around 11-12 weeks, I felt endurance and motivation returning so I could pick up the intensity of my workouts more. I also found that if I did some sort of physical activity, like walking or weights, I felt less sick and had a little more energy.
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    I was running before too, and the week before i took my pregnancy test i had a horrible run and couldn't figure out why. It all makes sense now though :) However I tried to run the other day, well more like a jog and i made it about 3 blocks before i had to walk, my stomach was starting to hurt and i just can't keep my breathing in check now. So now i just do fast pace walks if i do a walk. I was taking a class called Body Comat, but haven't done it since i found out, i want to get the okay from my doctor first, and my appointment isn't until Friday. So in place of that I was doing the elliptical or walking. I have been trying to keep up with my Body Pump Class (strength training) 2 times a week, today is one of them. I was also thinking the same getting out and doing something might help me feel better, being that I have a desk job. I can't wait until this stage is over and it just started :)
  • queenmolly68
    Same here, first trimester I was useless. I tried to exercise, but I was miserable. The good news is, that my energy came back and now I am almost done with the second trimester and am almost back to where I was pre-pregnancy exercise routine wise. Just stick with it, even when it's hard. You WILL feel human again, I promise. Oh, and congratulations, and welcome!
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    Hi Kristy!
    I have just finished my first trimester, and I am still SOOO sick. I don't think you should feel guilty about not working out. I was in the middle of P90X when I started getting sick. For the last 8 weeks, I've done almost nothing. I WALK a few nights a week. When the sickness and fatigue wear off, then I plan to slowly start running and lifting again.
    It hasn't hurt my progress at all. I'm at 15 weeks with no weight gain at all. All I can say is listen to your body, and GOOD LUCK!

    PS- Don't feel bad about carbs either, that may be all you can stomach for a while!!
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    I had a rough time right around 6 weeks and then got right back to it at 7 weeks. Just do what you can!
  • Kristy528
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    Thanks Everyone! I appreciate all the advice I can get :)
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    Do what you can but get as much rest as possible too. I'm finding the ms is much worse if I haven't slept well and am tired so as much as you want to push yourself and keep moving, sometimes more rest may also be more beneficial. My ms was awful starting at 5 weeks and after a week it starting calming down just a bit enough for me to realize it was linked with how I was sleeping. I have it on and off all day still atm but it's not as bad as it was when it began.
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    I was so hard on myself during my first trimester due to wanting to work out but feeling either totally miserable and nauseated or coming home from work and sleeping like a log. I also didn't take into account the emotional toll of finding out I was pregnant for the first time while trying to juggle a demanding job and vigorous workout schedule.

    After the 14 week mark, I bounced back so fast. I am now in my 6th month and do BodyPump twice a week, TRX once a week and cardio once or twice a week. I feel great and absolutely wear my bump as a badge of honor while I'm in my classes. I am already preparing myself mentally for a possible energy slump in the third trimester, but I think I'm better equipped for it this time than I was by everything in the first trimester.

    Keep your head up and do what you can, you will hopefully be over the worst of it soon! (And for the MS, I kept saltines in my desk/purse/car and nibbled all day. My suggestion: try to avoid orange juice at all costs.)
  • Kristy528
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    I think you may be right, going to be a half hour early last night actually seemed to help me a little bit. I also tried eating a piece of toast while I was getting ready, because i read in my what to expect book that MS seems to be at its worse when there is nothing in your belly and the acids just react off each other. I am also a sufferer of reflux and I think that is making my MS worse...so yeah defin no orange juice for me :) I am a carb junkie right now, its one of the few appealing things to me at the moment.
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    I am a carb junkie right now, its one of the few appealing things to me at the moment.

    ^ That happened to me. I was so much healthier before I was pregnant but the 1st tri really changed all my habits... and not for the good! (aka popsicles and saltines) Then when the 2nd tri hit and I felt like superwoman I was still craving the carbs that I had eaten the prior months.

    Try not to be hard on yourself. Yes exercise is important, b Try to focus on getting sleep and staying hydrated, it won't stop the exhaustion, but I think it's helps a lot. I also found that eating something small every 1-2 hours even if I wan't hungry really helped. I carried snacks with me all the time. Also, when the nausea kicked in big time, peppermints and lemon candy helped a lot as well as sparkling water. (Just a warning it took 5 different sparkling waters until I settled on Perrier- ugh, stupid taste buds.)

    Congrats and good luck!
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    i really wanted to continue all the walking i did in my lunch break and some at home exercise, but i got MS from 6 weeks and still feel a bit sicky now at almost 14 weeks
    its been hot here too so i couldnt face walking in the heat
    i just wanted to sleep
    plus my eating habits changed from fruits and veg and salad, to carbs!
    felt quite annoyed i havent managed to exercise in the first tri..... but i think i may be getting some energy back so fingers crossed gonna start back up soon... i just want my eating to settle too
    listen to your body is all i can say - im just thinking that rest and carbs is what i needed. so im going with the flow... but i want the cool weatehr so i can get back outside!
  • Lisa_Rhodes
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    I can't wait to start walking again (or doing any form of exercising, really). I didn't know I was pregnant until last week and as of today, I'm 11 weeks and 4 days. Until 3 weeks ago, I was doing Insanity (stopped bc I had the most horrible back pain) and have been worrying like 'Did I do something to the baby w/ that workout??'. We had our first ultra sound this past Wednesday and the baby was just a moving along, not sitting still, so I'm pretty confident the baby's ok, haha. Luckily, I haven't had MS, just some nausea. Like I said... can't wait for this weekend to get back on track.. felt like I was going insane w/o some form of exercise :smile:
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    Yep, totally normal. The carbs, the feeling soooooo tired that all you want to do is sit. Even when I would make it to the gym, I would play mind games with myself and feel like I was going to pass out. *Awesome*

    I just tried to do what I could do, when I felt up to it. Tracy Anderson has a pregnancy DVD set, that is based off of each month in pregnancy. It is really mellow, so I did that on most days that I felt up to it and did an incline walk at the gym on my lunch breaks (okay, sometimes lol).

    By the 12 week, I was back to my egg whites, oats and fitness schedule. Hang in there, and congrats!!