Guess Who's Pregnant With #2?

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Hey guys! My name is Rachel. I am a young and new momma. I joined this site and about 3 weeks later I gave birth to my son, Felix. He was born on July 6th, 2013 at 31 weeks. He only weighed 3lb. and 2oz. and finally came home from the NICU after 1.5 months. I then got on track with diet and fitness. My start weight was 225lb. and my current weight is 206lb. My ultimate goal was to be 140lb. but that quickly changed. A few days ago, I received 3 positive pregnancy tests and confirmed it with a blood test. I'm guessing the baby will be here around May 2014. Yes, this means my kids will be only 10 months or so apart! Call me crazy, but neither were planned. Felix was a little miracle baby, arriving after using condoms (so much for 99% effective), and this baby was due to a sexually abusive relationships, which I assure you has been ended. So yes, I am going to be a SINGLE momma to two BABIES, but I know I can do it. Now is time to get healthy for my little jellybean. Please feel free to add me. I am very friendly and will support you! :heart: :flowerforyou:


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    Congrats. My youngest two are 20 months apart and that's too close for me. Lol. My youngest was born at 33 weeks on may 26th and spent three weeks in the nicu.
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    Wow, congrats! Mine are 22 months apart and that was quite hard work! Although at least at 10 months they will still have naps and sit in a pushchair without complaint!