Noob here!

erayne Posts: 47 Member
Hey guys! I am so glad I found this group! Anyone here play xbox? I can't wait till I can sit down and read some of the topics here. :)


  • CrystlePistol
    CrystlePistol Posts: 11 Member
    Hi! I am currently into Skyrim on my Xbox, I have a lot of other games sitting on my shelf to catch up on because my kids have pretty much consumed my life for the last few years but they aren't babies anymore so I get more time to get my gaming on lately. Typically I play MMO's on the PC but I've learned I can ride my exercise bike while I play the Xbox so It fits well into the whole fitness thing.
  • Spatialized
    Spatialized Posts: 623 Member
    I'm still utterly addicted to Borderlands 2 on the Xbox, it's kind of an affliction. Between work and life I have little time to play though.
  • erayne
    erayne Posts: 47 Member
    I love Borderlands 2, it's one of my favorites!
  • Letty_c
    Letty_c Posts: 278 Member
    I love Borderlands!!!