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  • antiphon
    antiphon Posts: 4
    Hi, I'm Cheryl & live in Lake Worth (West Palm Beach area) :smile:

    I'd like to be 150 (285 finally) but my sister says 200 is more realistic because of my age (late 50s) and exercise level (low). Current goal is 250.
  • micki9103
    micki9103 Posts: 10
    I am a native. Born in Panama City, grew up in Pinellas Park, lived in Lutz and St. Petersburg, now I am back in Pinellas Park.
  • laurencbrown
    Just moved to Gainesville from Alabama.
  • Sashoi
    Sashoi Posts: 295 Member
    Orlando Here,

    Hey All,

    My Name is Sashoi, and about me 5 years ago I was 354 lbs and I changed my life by dieting and exercising and lost 169 lbs. I was about 185 lbs when I got diagnosed with leukemia and everything went down hill after that. I did lose another 20 lbs while I was in a coma after my first round of chemo treatments, but because I hated how skinny and sick I looked I just started eating. With all the steroids and drugs they had me on I gained pretty much everything back. needless to say I was miserable because everyone kept tell me don't worry about your weight just worry about beating your cancer. Well after 9 months of chemo I was in the clear until December 2012 when it came back. I just finished another 6 moths of chemo and was disgusted to see I was getting close to my old starting weight. II woke up on July 1, 2013 and just knew I wanted a change. I got a long way to go because this time I want to lose the weight the right way. The first time I lost all that weight by not eating, doing the 3 day diet and working out twice a day, sometimes for 3 hours a day. I would definitely not recommend anyone to lose weight that way. So Thats me in a nutshell I have set a Goal date for August 9, 2014 my 35th Birthday. So I wish you all much success and Hopefully I will meet some new weight loss pals along the way.
  • onetwopotato
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    Tampa here. :D
  • She_Hulk
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    Hello! I'm originally from Ft. Lauderdale and now live in Wesley Chapel (Tampa area). I love it here! :smile:
  • youcantfoolme
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    Orange Park :smile:
  • ArlyBarley
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    Hello! :) I currently live in Delray Beach, FL. Loving it so far :)
  • death2thepixies
    I used to live in Jacksonville, but now I live in Keystone Heights (: It's a tiny town near Gainesville that only has two stoplights. Pretty boring, but has a small-town charm to it. I see that a lot of people are from Gainesville, which is where I plan to move in a year or two. After I get my AA I want to transfer from Santa Fe to UF! Woo!
  • Possible_Infinity
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    Safety Harbor...
  • slammalee
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    Live in Fort Pierce, work in Royal Palm :)
  • ericacarlos
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    Middleburg, FL here...recently relocated from Austin TX....I've noticed we can set a clock by the 3pm rain we get here daily!:wink:
  • anais43
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    St. Petersburg FL :smile:
  • Lizzy0657
    Hi, I am Lizzy....and I live in Riverview/Brandon area. Hillsborough County. Anyone on here live in this area. Need to make some new friends. Mine are all married and moved away
  • Kickbox9Bitch
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    Hello hello helloooooo Florida skinny fit folks! :) Well, getting there right woohoo! HA HA, just looking for other members like me motivated to get fit & healthy. Say hello add me if you like. Thanks! :flowerforyou: Oh yes, I am in Cocoa Fl which is in Brevard county
  • DaveGrows
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    Hey everyone! In Winter Springs here.
  • vampkitten31
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    Hello all! I'm in Orlando. :)
  • DudeistPriest
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  • Jagreene62
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    Hello everyone, Fleming Island, FL. here!! Hope all are having a great weekend!!:drinker:
  • Mollysous
    Well, currently, I still live in Missouri, my home state, but I'm moving to Florida (around Orlando or Tampa) in January after I finish school to pursue my first teaching job. I just thought it would be nice to get to know some people before I move and maybe get some tips on places to live, etc.