Hi everyone

Been a while since I had worked the BFL routine, but I am back and loving it. I have lost 15 lbs since starting 6 weeks ago.
Welcome to all new members and please share your success.

This is a great forum and a great place to motivate and share personal experiences. I was introduced to BFL by a Marine 4 years ago. It is the best program around hands down. I am approaching 50 and BFL is tailored to fit a lifestyle that continues to prove successful at any age.



  • ktpod1
    ktpod1 Posts: 83 Member
    Hi, I just started my first 12 weeks yesterday...it will take me a couple of rounds but I am looking forward to seeing some muscle definition.
  • DaveMurphy6
    DaveMurphy6 Posts: 134 Member
    you are right about it being the best. I have been doing it for 8 years and find it to be effective and simple..not easy..simple