Too tired to exercise - 1st tri

Hi gals!

I'm a pretty active person, but as expected I'm pooped all the time and have not been exercising like I normally do. Trying not feel guilty about this but it's hard not to. :cry: Anyone experience this as well and have gotten out of this funk?

Also, I have my calories set to maintenance. Do you guys eat back your exercise cals?


  • miranda_mom
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    Don't put too much pressure on yourself from day to day. It will vary over time. Early first trimester with my daughter, I never would've been able to exercise but I would've been okay later in the trimester. This time, I was able to keep going all the way through.
    My biggest suggestion for keeping with it (which worked me for me) is that I have a workout partner (my best friend from work) so I am very hesitant to be like "Oh I'm not going with you tonight". The other thing is we do the elliptical and weights, which are both things you can change the intensity of without even really thinking about it. (in other words, I go as fast on the elliptical as I feel comfortable. I know it's slower than I used to be but that's okay).
    For the most part I eat my exercise calories but it seems as I go along, I have some days when I go over and then some days when I'm under by quite a bit but it pretty much evens out.
  • Athena125
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    I am now almost at 3rd trimester, and this is the best I've felt so far. Finally figured out what to do to ease back/pelvic pain after seeing a PT.

    First trimester, I just basically tried to survive! I worked out until about week #8 when I was so nauseous and exhausted (I mean exhaustion that made me HAVE to take a nap mid-day, even if it was only in my car for 10 minutes!). I could barely get through my day, let alone workout. I was so so out of breath all the time too. And I was a fitness teacher, formerly teaching 4 classes a week! I had to quit teaching fitness because my heart rate would go up to 160 or even higher with the slightest exercise.

    In second trimester, it was better but I had so much random cramping, pelvic pain and back pain I could only do the exercises my PT gave me. I finally feel better these past few weeks (am now at week 25 of pregnancy) and am just now doing aquacise 2x a week, prenatal yoga 2x a week and my PT exercises 2-3x a week. It seems like the positioning of the baby or my uterus has changed so my back is less painful - my PT said it pulls forward and then in 3rd trimester it grows in the back and evens things out.

    I'm sure this is all more info than you wanted, but it seems like everyone is different. My sister-in-law felt the need to tell me about all HER friends who jogged up until month 9. Please. I now walk like a penguin at about the pace of a penguin! But I figure even a measly 25-30 minute walk is something....after all I'm carrying a weight of about 15 pounds around my stomach!

    My advice to you is to get lots of sleep and eat what you need to in order to not feel ill!
  • Sixel
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    I agree with the previous poster: eat what you can take in and sleep (afternoon naps were crucial for me too). Everyone's different but by week 6 or 7 I was barely able to walk for an hour, by week 8-12 I threw up from a 45min walk or a 30 minute bike ride. For some it just shouldn't be a priority. Your energy levels should go up by the end of the 1st trimester and you'll feel like a whole different person (unless you're one of those who suffer the whole 9 months, which I hope you're not).

    Good luck!
  • OtiWanKenobi
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    Thanks for the responses. :smile: It really helps reading about your experiences. I guess I should take it easy and listen to my body and when it's ready to go then I'll be ready too!

    For now I'll enjoy kicking up my feet up, relaxing and going to bed at 8:30 pm. :drinker:

    I went to see the OB yesterday and she told me the same thing...that I should feel a burst of energy by my second trimester, but then dissipate by the the 3rd.
  • ashlbubba
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    The last time I went jogging I had a lot of cramping so I had to walk... since that day I have just been trying to keep my stomach in line and eyes open. I'm 8 weeks now and feeling more awake but spend SO much time in the bathroom- forget exercise! I'm eating at maintenance and so far have been able to maintain my weight. :love:

    Good luck! See ya in the 2nd trimester!
  • JABGoochie
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    i had every intention of continuing everything i was doing duirng pregnany - pole fitness instructing x2 a week and walking 30mins each day.... but i got so tired and so nauseus that it all went out the window

    im a bit disappointed in myself really, but my body has told me what i can do

    im now at 16 weeks and still sick..... not as tired but struggling to get energy to exercise (still instructing pole with some helpers)

    just lacking energy so much and everyone says the 2nd tri it gets better... so far not so much for me

    so im just doing what i can when i can, eating what i can when i can, and resting when i need to

  • loulou_1979
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    It's almost 3pm here and I already feel ready for bed! I usually workout in the evenings, I just can't see that happening at the moment! I wouldn't worry about it too much. Fingers crossed by the second trimester your (and my!) energy levels will increase! xx