Who think they will reach their 50 pounds lost by NYE

Diamond05 Posts: 475 Member
Just curious! I know im not.... But I'm ok with that :smile: I should have stopped fooling around in the summer! I'm back on track for the past two weeks. My goal was to go from 222 to 170 and as of today i am 214... If I followed the plan i would be out of the 200 by now. Anyway, here I am , didnt give up and i want to at least be out of the 200 but then. My goal is much smaller now as I wasted time plus I'm back in school. If i lose more it would be awesome but i really want o finish 2013 under 200 and start the year in One-derland!:drinker:


  • binor
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    I don't think I will. I have been loosing one pound a week. I have decided I am happy with that. If I hadn't given up this winter I would have already hit my goal. But I was to focused on big losses and got discouraged. So now I am good with slow and steady.
  • Well I'm gonna try my best to get that 50 lbs. off...if I don't that is ok as well because at least I put and effort in to try :drinker:

    at least I am hoping to be under that 300 lb. mark..:wink:

    then we all can be towards our One-derland number :smile:

    "wishing you a successful loss...good-luck...:flowerforyou:
  • Diamond05
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    Thank you and right back at ya!
  • rswalls
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    I don't think I'll make it, but I'm making good progress and am very happy about it. I'll be about 9 pounds short of my goal, and that's just fine with me :-)
  • Sarahwantshealth
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    I won't hit it but I am plugging away!