Weigh In #1 (Sep. 23-29)



  • MorganOfTroy
    MorganOfTroy Posts: 6 Member
    Hi all,

    I'm Morgan and have been on MFP for about 3 weeks. I've always been good at watching what I eat, but I've NEVER been one to work out. Like, at all. Before I got married in 2011 I had been living a natural whole-foods diet for over two years, was active just in general (two jobs etc.), and was the healthiest I had ever been. When I got married, I slowly started allowing sugar back into my diet here and there, and then fast food, and the rest is history. By October 2012 I was working a desk job, and I'd gained 40lbs. Now I'm 10 weeks post-pardum and have 13 more lbs of baby weight to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, plus the 40 I was starting with. I keep saying I'll do better tomorrow, so I'm hoping this group will keep me on track today.

    Starting weight: 165
    Current weight: 162
  • shirlinap
    shirlinap Posts: 40 Member
    Loving all the weigh ins.. keep em coming! Its really cool to hear so many stories that I can relate to...

    We've got 4 full days before our first "results weigh in!!" Even if we had a bad day yesterday or today, u can still get that scale down by Monday, pick up and start again! :)

    Really hope to report a change in scale!! cross fingers*!
  • EWhitaker526
    EWhitaker526 Posts: 92 Member
    Goal for this group: 150
  • mavis153
    Hey everyone, I've been on MFP for a while now, but finally just started using it...oops. I've always loved working out, but I also reaaally love to eat. That was never a problem until now. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma in July, and started chemo in August, and my activity level has plummeted as you can imagine. I finally decided to stop feeling like a victim and make the best of this situation. I'm going to try to start the year of 2014 cancer free and in the best shape I've been in for a long time, and this challenge I think will help me get started! I wish you all the best, we can do this!!!

    Starting weight: 160
    Goal Weight: 125
    Goal for this Group: 140
  • TheWipingYears
    TheWipingYears Posts: 6 Member

    Forgot to post my weight stats way back in my OP.

    SW: 170 (lost 20 w/ WW in early 2012, then got pregnant, gained 15 pounds, lost it right after baby, now I'm stalled)
    CW: 150
    GW: 130
  • meluc
    meluc Posts: 153 Member
    Hi all
    My name is Melissa. I had my second child In March. He is now 5 months old. Trying to lose the baby weight then get to my ultimate goal weight! I am currently breastfeeding so I cannot overly lower calorie intake as it would affect my milk supply, but I am trying to work out lots and I am still tracking my food.

    Let's do this!

    SW 197
    CW 167.2
    Challenge GW 159 (pre-pregnancy weight)
    UGW 150
  • HardyGirl4Ever
    HardyGirl4Ever Posts: 1,017 Member
    Hi! My name is Jennie. I'm sorry I'm posting late, I thought I had posted last week, but I guess I was wrong. I'm trying very hard to lose weight. I'm very tired of not being able to fit into my clothes!

    SW: 166.3
    CW: 150.6 (last week)
    GW: 131.8
    UGW: 115

  • scott7791
    scott7791 Posts: 3 Member
    Hey all,

    I'm Scott been a member for a while and started more times trying for a healthy lifestyle than I care to think, so this will help me kick-start again and I do love a good challenge.

    Starting weight: (23/09/13): 213
    Final Goal Weight: 161
    Goal for this Group: 193

    Best of luck all
  • sduncan1227
    Hi all,

    New to fitnesspal and having only been using it for about a week. i love it so far. Starting off a little late but my weight in is 171.6 and I'm hoping to get to 155 by Christmas/My Birthday! (Dec 27th).

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • kazajest
    week 1 and weighed in at 210!!!!!!! I am feeling good and am well on the way to meet my 195 goal.
  • dj0jazzy
    dj0jazzy Posts: 56 Member
    I want a chance to win most inches lost so my starting inches are
    Chest: 40
    Waist: 31.5
    Hips: 37.5
    Thigh: 25
    Bicep: 13.5