Weigh-In For Week 3! Oct. 6th-12th



  • jbuc07
    jbuc07 Posts: 914 Member
    Sorry to you all for the day late post, been off line but kept a note of the scales...congrats to you all for your loss and effort.

    SW (23/09/13): 213
    1st weigh in (30/09/13) 210.2
    2nd weigh in (07/10/13) 209.4

    Total loss :- 3.6lbs
    Good for you!!! Congrats on the drop!
  • desdoug27
    desdoug27 Posts: 4 Member
    SW: 208
    ChallengeSW: 198.4
    Week 2: 196.8
    Week 3: 197.2

    bummer, I went up .4 of a pound, but honestly I did not work out as much as i should have. Only twice in the 7 days! My eating was also not the best! I know that I have to workout 4 times a week to get just 1.8 - 2 pounds off. Imagine if I did 6 out of the 7 or even everyday?
  • meluc
    meluc Posts: 153 Member
    Week 1 Weigh in: 167.2
    Week 2 Weigh in: 166.8
    Week 3 Weigh in: 165.2
    Challenge GW 159 (pre-pregnancy weight)
    Ultimate GW 150

    Total Loss: 2
    6.2 lbs left to go for this challenge!

    Slow but going the right way.
  • moreabs
    moreabs Posts: 86 Member
    haven't lost anything. :(
  • skill133
    skill133 Posts: 161
    desdoug - I like that you know what you need to do and not making excuses. Get after it this week!

    Moreabs- building muscle?
  • kimjutjor
    kimjutjor Posts: 387 Member
    First Week 9-25: 246.9
    Last Week 10-2: 245.6
    Today 10-9: 244.2

    not as much loss as I would have expected considering how good I ate and exercised but I figure I have converted some of this fat into muscle
  • CaliforniaBarbie
    CaliforniaBarbie Posts: 346 Member
    Bit late writing it but i had gained
    last week: 118
    now: 119
  • tuppence1984
    tuppence1984 Posts: 11 Member
    Still on 187 for me...nothing doing!
  • lottewiegeraad
    lottewiegeraad Posts: 64 Member
    Hi my name is Lotte and I'm new here, but I jump right in :p

    Week 1: 152.1 lbs
    Week 3: 147.7 lbs
    GW: 128 lbs :D