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    And Yes Your Vacation Is Over....I hope you enjoyed last week :bigsmile: :devil:



    The recoveries should be a light walk, light shuffle, light jog....

    Your High Intensity 60 second intervals....Ideas....Burpees, Jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, squats with hops, alternating hopping lunges, fast feet (basketball drill)....just some thoughts

    Of Course Modify for injuries or medical issues!!!!!!!!

    You can mix and match however you want on the different days and for each interval....

    Here is a link to a worksheet you can use to plan your intervals if you want:


  • nonnalynn
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    Wow!!! With a week like this, no one (but the Sharx) will survive through to week 13!!! I have leaves to rake for daaays. My neighbors will get a show during the VIGOROUS raking times!:noway:

    I guess its Zumba video time... I need my day planner for this week!

    Congrats all who survived and lost!
    Thxoxo Sheri!
  • weefreemen
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    Congrats to everyone. And especially the 3 Wolverines in the top 6. We had our Thanksgiving in October, so had already had our turkey feast...
  • vhuber
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    Good job to the STARS for the week! You ALL SHINE!!!!

    But I have faith in my DOLPHINS to reign this week!!!

    I choose to NOT eat any bready type food this week or I must do 15 burpees!!! Breads make me fat anyways!
  • Sheri869
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    Yeah No More Chips for me!!! Even though it isn't the "official" start of the challenge and I ate the chips before I'd put up the challenge.....I figured I'd do my penance anyway since I ate some today....OHHHHHH HOW I HATE BURPEES!!!! I'd probably lose weight if I ate the chips and did those dreadful things!!! haha....I'll just stay away!!! I'm Gonna Die!!!!! lol!! I gotta get better at those....yeah maybe next challenge :tongue: :wink:
  • hypallage
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    Shall I join in with the burpees as a penance? I am not going to eat and biscuits or cake this week without doing 10 burpees. I can't do any more than that anyway!!
  • tabbydog
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    Mine will be pie. We have so much pie in the house leftover from thanksgiving. 25 Burpees if I eat pie!
  • jaajh
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    OK - taking a BIG plunge here! I will give up bread for the week ... can't believe I am going to try to do this :sad: 25 press-ups as penance if I fail!

    Edited to add: The press-ups will though be done in 2 lots since I can only manage about 12 -15 (latter on a "good" day) in one go! However, the thought of doing 2 lots, to make it up to 25 will be a bigger deterrent for me than just the 12 I know I can get done!
  • weefreemen
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    @Sheri. Are we doing our regular points again this week?

    Also I'll give up my Atkins Endulge bars, they are the only treat I have thse days and if I fail I'll do 20 burpees
    as well.
  • Aprilstar480
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    I think i'm gonna give up sweets for the week. Any and all sweets. And I will join the group of burpee penalties. I'm dreading the HIIT workouts... I need them and will do them but I'm soooo not happy about it:grumble:
  • usernamekelly1
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    I hate burpees but love wine... so mine is going to be wine I give up... it's not too much the alcohol calories I'm bothered about it's the lack of "will power, raiding the fridge and eating assorts of crap calories" that is the issue.

    I'm going to be tough on myself here and say 10 burpees per glass (125ml) and I actually fancy a glass after the day I've had, shattered is an understatement but I;m just going to have a camomile tea and go to bed as I need to sleep!!!!
  • Artemis726
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    I will give up eating off of my kids plates. It's such a bad habit, and I *hate* wasting food so you'll often find me eating leftover chips and poptarts! Ack! So, 10 burpees if I slip up. :)
  • Sheri869
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    Sorry for the delay on answering....yes back to regular points this week!

    Love the bandwagon of burpees as punishment....apparently its a universal HORRIBLE exercise! :grumble: :laugh: Good Luck everyone with your food you're giving up!! NO BURPEES!!! Just Goods Across The Board ;-)

    I think we should all do Bonus Burpees at the end of the week if we did good on our foods :bigsmile: Who's with me :tongue:
  • usernamekelly1
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    I think we should all do Bonus Burpees at the end of the week if we did good on our foods :bigsmile: Who's with me :tongue:

    Erm... in a word... NO:laugh:
  • fang19423
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    I agree with you Kelly I hate burpees .... and if I fail on giving up bread ... it's burpees for me too :mad:
  • Sheri869
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    Wellll I succeeded in eating no chips last night....even though my husband had just bought and was eating a fresh bag when I got home....I would say Yah for me....but as the night wore on I managed to eat everything else not nailed down....SO I'll be doing some penance burpees today anyway!! Doubling that up! :grumble: :sad:
  • khadijaasafi
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    I love ice cream and hate push ups. so ice cream=10 push ups!
  • Justacoffeenut
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    Sorry if we were to post here what our food avoidance and penance was mine is English muffins and having them everyday for breakfast for a while a hate hit so if I eat an English muffin have to do 10 minutes of HIIT for eating a English muffin. Been a bad week dealing with everything from last week.
  • usernamekelly1
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    Well it was my kids Christmas fair today and they bought me a cup cake no biggie had cals available for it... but.... the school had a bring a bottle of something in last week, and the contents were then raffled on the bottle table 6 tickets £1 - they ended up winning some bubble bath, tango, water but they also won some mulled wine, lambrini, some vodka mix drinks... I either have to resist or do burpees - I hate burpees, stopped at 1 glass of wine the other night as I was like ain't no way I'm doing another 10... I think they had 4 goes, first go they won 4 prizes it was crazy how lucky they were...