2014 races

What races are you registered for or planning to do in 2014?


  • In March I am running my first Half Marathon and than I have planned to register for these races

    Phoenix Half Marathon 03/2014

    Splash Mob 5K 07/2014 (first 5K I ran after many years of not running, want to run again to see how much I have improved)

    Disney Half Marathon 08/29/2014 ( assuming I can register before it sells out)

    A Race for Maggies Place 10K 10/2014 (Third 10k that I ran liked the course will run again to see how I improved)

    Woman's Running Series Scottsdale Half Marathon 11/2014

    Hot Chocolate 15K 12/2014 ( running this one this Sunday I love to run for chocolate)

    That would give me three half marathons next year 1 5k, 1 10k and 1 15k.
  • Raasy
    Raasy Posts: 972 Member
    I have already registered for the below:

    Surf City Half Marathon on Feb.2, 2014
    OC Half Marathon on May 4 2014

    I am going to register for the below:

    Run or Dye, 5k - Mar 1, 2014
    Breast Cancer 5k - Oct 21, 2014
    Possibly the Long Beach Half Marathon on Oct 14, 2014 (not 100% sure on this one yet)

    There might possibly be more but for now these are the ones sparking my interest!
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
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    Broken down by A and B effort:

    *30 Mar 14 - Knoxville HM (B)
    *6 Apr 14 - ORRRC HM (A)
    *4 May 14 - Pittsburgh HM (B)
    *18 May 14 - Cleveland HM (A)
    14 Jun 14 - East Milton Triathlon (sprint)
    21 Jun 14 - East Fork OH Xterra off-road triathlon (Olympic)
    27 Jul 14 - Cleveland Triathlon (Olympic)
    *10 Aug 14 - USAT National Triathlon Championships (sprint)
    7 Sep 14 - Canton HM (A)
    20 Sep 14 - USAF FM (B)
    19 Oct 14 - Columbus FM (A)

    * are already registered

    Since I'm single I do what I want when I want
  • xcmum
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    I'd love to do a few races next year. Mixture between duathlons, running and mountain biking. This will all come down to whether i'm studying full time next year and can manage my time wisely.

    I am signed up for a sprint duathlon on the 26th January (which i should be training for whoops)
  • timeasterday
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    So far:

    January - Hot Chocolate 15K
    February - Locomotive 5K
    March - Publix Half Marathon
    April - ?
    May - ? (possibly a 13.1 mile trail race)
    June - Haw Creek Trail Race (5 miles)
    July - Peachtree Road Race
    August - Red Top Roaster 9.9 mile trail race
    September - Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon
    October - Michelob Ultra 13.1 Atlanta, Atlanta Marathon 10-miler
    November - Savannah Rock 'n Roll Marathon, Atlanta Half Marathon
    December - recovery
  • RunnerElizabeth
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    Wow! You guys are all so scheduled! My race calendar so far:

    Feb 23, 2014 - Half in the Hamptons, HM, Hampton Beach, NH.

    I'll probably do the Twin Lights Half in Gloucester, MA in May because it was fun last year.

    Of course I'm waiting on putting together my full schedule because I'm still deciding if it's time to pull the trigger and run a full.
  • so far I only have a local half marathon at the end of March and then Edinburgh marathon on 25th May

    would like to do the Berlin marathon (September I think) if I survive/enjoy the distance in May, can't think much beyond Edinburgh at the moment
  • ZenInTexas
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    So far for the year I have a full marathon Jan. 19, a 4 mile race in February and a half marathon in March. I am also hoping to do my first sprint Tri this spring. April to September are too hot here to do much for racing.
  • So far -

    Hastings HM March
    Brighton FM April
    Grt Manchester Run May
    Bedgebury Trial June
    Bewl 15 July
    Bacchus FM Sept
  • CarsonRuns
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    I haven't signed up for anything yet, but I have a framework for what I want to do.

    March - Tim Kennard 10 Mile River Run (I'll do this for sure, my 5th consecutive year)
    April - HM
    May - Delaware Marathon
    June - August - Various track races from 400m to the mile. Maybe a 5000m
    Late Sept, early Oct - HM
    Early November - Marathon
  • sjohnny
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    I'm already registered for the Austin Half Marathon in February. I ran it last year with a sprained ankle and bad plantar fasciitis. I'm going to see how well I can do uninjured.

    I don't have anything else planned until October when I'm planning to do the Austin Distance Challenge which is 6 races starting with a 10K, then a 10 mile, a half marathon, a 30K, another half marathon, and then it ends with the Austin Marathon in February 2015.

    ETA: This is the schedule for the races for this year's Distance Challenge so I'm assuming next year's will be the same:

    Oct. 6, 2013 - IBM Uptown Classic 10k
    Oct. 27, 2013 - Run For The Water 10 mile race
    Dec. 8, 2013 - Decker Challenge Half Marathon
    Jan. 5, 2014 - Rogue Distance Festival 30K
    Jan. 19, 2014 - 3M Half Marathon
    Feb. 16, 2014 - Austin Marathon

    Should be fun.
  • BrianSharpe
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    Signed up:

    Hypothermic half (26 Jan)
    Ottawa Race Weekend Hal Marathon (May 25th)


    Ottawa River Tri (sprint)
    National Capital Tri (sprint)
    The Canadisn Tri (olympic)
    Army Run (half-marathon)

    and I may go for something late season, short & fun like Rattle me Bones at Halloween or Nine Run Run
  • Lyerin
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    I haven't signed up for anything yet, but I'm planning to run:

    First Run 5K (Jan 1)
    Half Marathon (sometime in March-May - it will be my first)
    Crowley Road Race (either the 5 or 10K) (June)
    Biggest Loser 5K (July)
    Color Run (summer, run with my 10 year old and her buddies :smile:)

    That's kind of it so far.
  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    So far signed up for:
    January 1st - Resolution Run in Kitchener
    May - The Punisher Adventure Race in Hamilton
    August - Tough Mudder Toronto

    February - The Re-Fridgee-Eighter
    April - Endurance Race
    May - Baden Road Races
    June - The Waterloo 10km Classic
    July - Dirty Dash
    September - Harvest 1/2 Marathon (or just a 10km, thinking about this one as I have never done a 1/2 before)
    September - Laurier Loop
    October - Ocktoberfest Run
    November - Remember Run
    December - The Santa Pur-suit
  • dixiech1ck
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    I am crazy like that where I actually put together an Excel spreadsheet with my races, dates, location, hotel, etc. This way I stay organized and can give to my mom (who watches my pups for me for out of town races).

    So far:

    February: Princess Glass Slipper Challenge (Disney)

    March: Yuengling Shamrock Marathon - Va Beach
    Love Run Half Marathon - Philly

    April: April Fool's Half - AC, NJ
    Garden Spot Marathon - Lancaster, Pa

    May: Flying Pig Marathon - Cincy, OH
    The Wild Half - Wildwood, NJ

    June: Niagara Falls Half - Niagara, NY/Canada (not sure yet, depends on funding)
    Oddessey Half - Philly

    August: Dumbo Double Dare - Anaheim (not sure yet, depends on funding)

    September: Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon - Lancaster, PA
    Alternative Half Marathon - Bucks County, PA

    October: Wineglass Marathon - Corning, NY (need to sign up)
    Monster Mash Marathon - DE
    Chicago Marathon (if I get picked)

    November: NYC Marathon (if I get picked **FINGERS CROSSED**)
    Philly Marathon- Philly, PA

    December: Space Coast Marathon - FL (not sure yet, depends on funds)
    St. Jude's Marathon - TN
  • tappae
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    I haven't registered for anything yet, but I'm basically planning a 5K every month from March through September.

    4 of them are part of a Beer Run series called Race the Bar (March, May, September, November). I've run some of these before. Each one has a longer option, too. I've run the 8K and the 10K, but I plan on sticking to the 5K options next year. I've gotten age group placements in these races before, so I hope to repeat that and maybe even place in the series as a whole.

    In April, I'm planning a 3.5 mile trail race, which is the short option accompanying the trail half marathon I did this year, which was my favorite race yet.

    In June, there's a 5-race track event (100, 400, 800, mile, XC 5K). I'm mostly interested in the mile and the 5K at this one.

    For July, I'm looking at a popular 5K that's also the state championship. I have no hope at any kind of award, but this is the race I'm planning on peaking for.

    There are a lot of local races in the late summer/early fall, so I'll look to do a few of those (there are at least 3 within 2 miles of my house).

    If all goes well, and I've been able to meet my training and weight loss goals, in the fall I'll decide whether or not to start training for a mountainous 54 mile ultra.
  • Linli_Anne
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    I'm registered for the following races so far:

    May 4th - WPS Half Marathon

    July 26th - Mud Hero (6K, 15 Obstacle)

    I am going to register for this as well:

    June 15 - Manitoba Marathon

    I'm waiting to find out the exact dates of a business seminar that will have me in St.Louis, if timing is right I will also do the WFPS Half Marathon in October 2014.

    I just may throw a couple 5 or 10Ks in there last minute if the timing (and funding) are right.
  • scott091501
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    Jan- Houston Marathon
    April- 70.3 New Orleans and Kemah Olympic Triathlon
    August- Memorial Hermann Bridgeland Triathlon
    Sept- HyVee 5150 US Championships
    Oct- 70.3 Austin
  • dorianaldyn
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    I'm feeling really disorganized after reading some of your plans!! Coming up I've got...

    Woodside 35k (this is a trail run, it's actually at the very end of December)
    The San Jose 408k - March (this is an 8k race, SJ's main area code is 408)
    Santa Cruz Half Marathon - April
    Big Sur Marathon - April
    SF Marathon (this is a maybe) - July
    Skyline to Sea 50k (trail race) - October (?... date TBD)

    I will probably throw in several trail races if I can and potentially the Capitola Half Marathon in May depending on how I feel after Big Sur.
  • aldousmom
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    this weekend I'm doing double marathons (a 55k trail, and then dallas marathon) but I'm afraid of the trail race being canceled b/c of the impending winter weather/storm. should I pull that off, then my schedule is like this:

    Jan 1 : Cedar Hill Trail run, 20k

    Jan 11: Bandera 100k trail run

    if I can only run one race this weekend, then it will be

    Jan 11: Bandera 50k trail run

    Feb 8 Rocky Raccoon 50 mile trail run

    I haven't registered for any of those, and I don't like to train for more than 2 mths for anything, plus I don't plan ahead much.