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    Thanks Sheri. Great job everyone. Vhuber way to go especially with the busy week you had.
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    Sheri, I must congratulate you on making it to week 11.:flowerforyou: :drinker:
    You did great hanging in there with us!!!
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    Nice work everyone! :drinker:
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    Problem with healthy foods being so expensive - Here are a couple of tips that help me spend less on healthy foods:

    1. Buy frozen fruits and veggies when you can. Most do not have added sugar/sodium, but check labels to be sure. Another positive to having frozen produce is that it won't go bad nearly as fast. Keep your freezer stocked and you will always have healthy options on hand.

    2. Eat less meat. Substitute eggs, beans, lentils and tofu for protein when you can. I am not a vegetarian, but I have found that eating less meat can save money!

    I hope that this will help :flowerforyou:
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    To address yo-yo weight loss...I've been reading lately trying to determine what my maintenance calories will need to be, and something has occurred to me - I am going to have to keep my calories low, ummmm...from now on! I know that's a big 'duh,' but in my mind weight loss has always seemed to be a fixed journey with a definite end, but for this to be a permanent success, I have to ACT on what I've learned. For me, that means I have to continue to watch my diet even after I get to my goal (and exercise, of course...although maybe a little less than during the challenge!)
    This is kinda hard for me to accept, as it doesn't really seem 'fair' that some people seem to be able to get by with eating more and/or being lazy...but, life's not 'fair,' right? :tongue:
    So, this 'tip' is for me (and anybody else that can use it) ...I *know* that the solution to yo-yo weight loss is to be diligent with diet control and exercise for the rest of my life!
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    Re: Messing up a little and then giving up because of it.

    I started here on MFP in March 2012. I was so excited about losing weight and I love to read the success stories of how people had lost so much weight in so little time. Well, it didn't happen for me that way. I looked back on all of my past attempts at losing weight and saw how I would give up so much to lose quickly. Then when I would go back to what I normally would eat I went crazy with it and ate way too much. This time I allow myself to mess up but more importantly I've allowed myself time to lose the weight. By not making it so important to be a 6 month success story, I have room for days when I can have a Big Mac meal without guilt and by not swearing off any food or food group, one taste of greasy goodness does not send me into a tailspin of unhealthy eating. So my advice is to give yourself time; be patient with your weight loss. Know that you will have great logging days and some that you won't log cause you don't really want to know. If you allow yourself some days where you don't have to weigh to the gram and log every mint you eat, you'll have fewer of them.
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    Sweet tooth temptations:

    I know that when I am baking cookies or making candy for the holidays that I can not just say no. They are right there, and for me it is impossible to not try them. So what I have been doing for the past few years is making smaller pieces for me.

    Example: cookies: rather than make normal size cookies, I make a handful at half of the size of the regular ones. That way I can still have some, but not feel totally guilty. Once the small ones are gone though I do not eat any more.
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    Controlling snacking:

    This is my big problem, so I am preaching to myself here. Two tips I was told by someone else and that I am trying this week (will let you know if they work!)
    1) Make a hot drink - sometimes that will satisfy the desire to snack.
    2) Get up and go and do something different. I always hit a mid-afternoon slump so when I feel that snacks calling me this week I am trying to get up and do my 15 minutes of sorting (my daily good habit! Normally do this in the evening, but willing to shake things up a bit!) Worked today! Not sure if it will work every day, but we'll see. I admit I work from home, so have the luxury of being able to get up and go and do 15 minutes of sorting!

    Another one I tried (but doesn't work for me) is to limit yourself to one treat a day - plan it in advance. It might work for some of you. Didn't for me as once I start I have problems stopping! Hence why I am trying to not even start this week!

    And if all else fails, try this:


    Hopefully that at least made you smile :bigsmile:

    Looking forward to seeing other tips people have!
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    Controlling snacking:

    1) Make a hot drink - sometimes that will satisfy the desire to snack.

    I do this. This is how I knocked the cobwebs off of my coffee pot. I can have a 12oz coffee with sugar and non dairy creamer for 65 calories and it lasts longer than a cookie. So I get sweet and filling.
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    I am guilty of comfort/boredom/stress/emotional eating (all of the above!) :blushing:
    I have heard the trick is to stop eating and do something else (duh!) but it's easy to keep eating when that "something else" allows it! It helps if I do something messy or yucky that has nothing to do with food (home repairs, cleaning bathroom, taking care of recycling, trash, raking leaves, etc.) If you get tired of doing tasks like these every time, try a fun hobby that you can't (or shouldn't) do with food (drawing, painting, scrapbooking, beading, knitting, etc.). I'm going to give this idea a try this week, and hopefully I'll have a cleaner house and some fun projects finished by the end of the week!:happy:
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    Controlling snacking:

    1) Make a hot drink - sometimes that will satisfy the desire to snack.

    I do this. This is how I knocked the cobwebs off of my coffee pot. I can have a 12oz coffee with sugar and non dairy creamer for 65 calories and it lasts longer than a cookie. So I get sweet and filling.

    Yes! Afternoon coffee is a must-have for me! (Although today's won't help me any...eggnog latte at Starbuck's, and it's only the first day of my trip!)
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    The only time I'm able to stop the drinking alcohol and proceeding to eat the contents of fridge and then some, is not to drink... so that's me this week... I'm not drinking anything... and what I will do if I want a drink next week is buy a mini bottle of wine that are a glass worth and then some non-alcohol wine for the rest of the evening so it feels like I'm relaxing :)

    @ Barkingbetty - I like the messy idea, I'll use that this week..
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    OMG...You Guys Are Awesome!! I Absolutely LOVE the tips!! I Swear I learn new stuff from all of you Every Challenge!! Soooo, Of Course, while I am hoping that things like this will help everyone...I am selfishly also hoping ideas will spark some ideas for me to try!!

    So Thank You SO Much...I've already got a few I want to try...though I will probably wait till after the holidays!

    EXCEPT!! dzmikki!!! Yours could NOT have Been More Perfectly timed for me!!!! I was trying to avoid baking this year...but as a last minute decision at work TODAY - my co-worker and I are baking All Night to send to all our managers....so much for that idea...So OMG...I Love Your Idea of making a few mini cookies...so I get to indulge (cuz there is No Way I wouldn't .....but on a smaller scale! Brilliant for me tonight!!!)

    But Thank You All So Far!! I Can't Wait To Hear Even More GREAT ideas!!!!!!

    (and the making a conscious effort to get up and do something when a craving comes...is one that has also worked for me in the past when I'm being a good girl!!) You learn you lose the craving pretty quick if your mind focus' on something else that keeps your hands and your mind busy!!

    Another tip that has worked for me...again in the past when I'm being good!! Is to drink a 4-8 oz glass of water over a period of about 1/2 hour Before I'm about do for my meal...then drink another 8 oz glass While I'm eating my meal...Makes me feel usually Very full without eating ALL the food that usually makes me feeling miserably full!

    Welllll wish me luck on the mini baking snack idea...cuz tonight is going to be a tough night!!! I haven't baked in about 3 years...and I LOVE my baking! lol!!! I should probably just TRY and bake enough for what we need to send...but that is a LOT of work to not enjoy some of it!!

    Ohhh and Kelly....hahaha....I LOVE yours....but cutting out the wine....maybe someday!! :wink: Though I KNOW it would probably be a HUGE SCORE if I did it....not ready for that commitment though....maybe next challenge I'll give it a go....getting through work at year end and new year and the holidays with all the family....Yeah Wine.....:drinker: :drinker: Will be how I survive!!! :happy: You're my hero if you can do it!! :love:

    Keep The Great Ideas Rolling!!!
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    RE: Being too busy to cook and getting take-out

    I have 5 kids ranging in age from 13 years to 8 months, and life gets crazy fast! Therefore, I am big on meal planning, freezer cooking, prepping ahead of time, and having 'kit' meals.

    For example, I'll make a big batch of chicken breasts in my crockpot. Some will be shredded and frozen for a meal down the line, some will become that night's dinner, and some will be kept in the fridge for a quick meal like throwing on a salad or in a wrap. My kids LOVE build your own wrap nights.

    Another thing I like to do is to keep family favorite 'kit' meals on hand. I always have pasta, sauce, and ground turkey for pasta night, ground turkey, tomatoes, and chili beans for chili, and refried beans and and shredded cheese for quick burritos. My 8 year old loves to help make the burritos, and we make a bunch to throw in the freezer while we're making dinner. These have saved the day on busy nights! Just microwave 60-90 seconds, defrost some corn, and add a piece of fruit and dinner is served in less than 10 minutes. :)

    It also helps to prep veggies on a less busy day. I like to chop peppers, broccoli, and cauliflower and keep them in bags in the fridge. Perfect crudites with some light dip, tossed in a salad, or thrown into meals while I make dinner.

    I love the mini cookie idea, too! Sometimes I also chew gum when I am cooking or baking to keep from tasting and eating cookie batter.
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    It's easy to get off track this time of year. I have given myself permission to maintain from now until the holidays are over. I am extra good during the week so that I have extra calories at weekend parties. Combines with making sure I exercise every day I am planning to indulge, helps with damage control.
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    When I cook I generally cook more than I need and freeze the excess in portion sized containers. That way, on those days when I really cannot be bothered to cook, I have healthy "ready meals" on hand. They are also really useful for taking to work for lunch if I don't have time or inclination to make lunch that day.
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    Wow everyone is doing so great, so sorry to not be a part of the challenge still, but I'm on the mend. Actually helped to get the Christmas tree decorated.

    As I said not part of the challenge but thought us add my two cents.

    As for snacking, I really just do not keep treats in the house, or certainly not treats that I like ;)

    I carb cycle, two days low and one high, Saturdays are always high and Sunday is a Guilt free day (in moderation). This for me has been a great plan, still have a treat or something lovely like pasta on Sundays and a pudding.

    When you are hungry and have to have something, have a healthy fat, like a teaspoon of peanut butter, or almonds, it's amazing how much that teaspoon of butter has helped to stop me from grabbing something bad and shoving it in my mouth. It really curbs the appetite

    I do like a glass of wine, but now I tend to cut it with some diet 7Up, so a big glass is only half a glass or less of the wine.

    I stand a jug of water in the fridge overnight with lemons and cucumber. Makes it really tasty and it's a great cleanse - bonus

    This has been truly a **** year for me with injuries and surgery this year, starting with the knee replacement and just having to have rotator cuff surgery. But I think I've managed to stay sane through most of it, and I've worked on an area of my body that doesn't affect the sore bit. So right now I'm doing left lifts and things that don't hurt the shoulder. It really helps to not lose the habit of exercise.

    Keep up the great work everyone, and my wolverines , awesome work..

    Happy Christmas to everyone. xoxo.
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    Here is a tip that helps with freezing homemade soups - pour the soup into a ziploc bag and lay the bag flat in the freezer. Thawing a bag takes no time at all! If I didn't have time to thaw frozen soup stored in a tupperware container, I would often change my mind and make a less healthy choice! The bag trick is a life saver.
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    aRTEMIS - i am amazed that you have 5 kids & make it sound easy!! I can barely get things done with my 2!! You have given me inspiration!!

    I try to drink TONS & i mean TONS of water. I am on a lot of meds, so I like to drink a lot to try to help my kidneys & liver! But, it does help when I am hungry too, to drink a good size glass of water first, then decide if I really am still hungry.

    Also, I will try to eat an apple before a meal, or again, if I'm thinking of eating something I shouldn't, I make myself eat an apple!

    And I find I do tons better just keeping myself full with fiber & protein, so I always have Greek yogurt (no or very low sugar), almonds, string cheese, organic beef jerky, & fresh fruits & veggies on hand.
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    I find that working out not only relieves stress but it also curbs my appetite!

    This may be my last week due to surgery yesterday!