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robynw143 Posts: 65 Member
I am Robyn from just outside of Boston MA, I want to lose 89 more pounds.
I want to be held accountable it is how I think i can get to my goal. I want to help other get to there goal as well!

Join my challenge and together we can beat the weight!


  • jeskuhsmeekers
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    I am jessica i live outside of Santa Barbara in Ca. I've had 3 kids in 2 years the last 2 were twin girls which are now 10 mos. I am the maid of honor in my cousins wedding in May of this year and really want to lose alot of weight before then. I am 5'10 and currently weight 207.
  • LizzieGirl14
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    My name is Liz, I'm a 22 year old veterinary assistant in Northern California, I want to lose 100 lbs by January 2015. I am a mother to 4 dogs and one cat - all rescues. I am also the mother to one little girl, named Kylee who got her wings during my 4th month of pregnancy. I am the aunt of one beautiful step-niece from my younger sister, I am expecting my first biological niece in May from another sister and my twin brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby in July. I am involved with a man I have known since I was 13. And I'm just hoping to become a healthier person for myself and my growing family, that I hope to add to some day.
  • ivydenis1
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    My name is Ivy and I am 28 years old from NH. I want lose at least 80 pounds. I am a wife, mom of 3, going to nursing school, and working part time. Life is busy for me but I feel like no matter what I am going to have excuses so better now than never!
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    Hi, I'm MCD, and I'm a chocoholic.
  • My name is Catherine. I am from MO. I have struggled with my weight all my life. Currently, my husband is deployed. I would like to be under 200 lbs by the time I see him in March.
  • MyChocolateDiet
    MyChocolateDiet Posts: 22,281 Member
    My name is Catherine. I am from MO. I have struggled with my weight all my life. Currently, my husband is deployed. I would like to be under 200 lbs by the time I see him in March.

    Those are beautiful flowers. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. He will be elated to see you again irregardless of whatever weight you may be at. I'm sure he could care less the number on your scale. Do this for you. :flowerforyou:
  • Ivymarie75
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    Hello, My name is Ivy. Im 38, married with 3 kids. I go up & down & would just love some support so I can continually keep going down. I would love to lose 40lbs by my birthday Mid-June.
  • lemonshredding
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm Emma and I'm 21 years old, turning 22 this Saturday :) I have never really been overweight but lately I have moved in with my boyfriend, having too much fun and develoepd some pretty crappy eating habits.
    I am not sure what my starting weight is at the moment as I left my scales behind when I moved in - whoopsies! But I do know that especially after Christmas etc that it would be a significant gain because all my clothes aren't fitting and I've started getting really upset about it :(
    I am buying a new scale today and have told my boyfriend I am going to really try to lose weight and he is being supportive. I will post my starting weight in the "Starting Weight" forum post when I weigh in... probably tomorrow OR maybe I will wait until after my birthday, regardless, its great to meet you all and I wish you all the very best of luck! Lets do this!
    Em xx
  • kabrube2
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    My name is Karen 56 from Central Florida area. I am a mom and grandma and just started getting real serious with fitness. I belong to Golds Gym and just joined their 12 week challenge. I go tomorrow to get WI and before pics. Looking for any amount of motivation and support I can get.
  • My name is Janae Valenta :) I need to loose 40 pounds for the guard and was told this app would help a lot and found myself here! :)
  • I'm Eve. I am 5'4" and 217 lbs. this time last year I joint mfp then fell off the band wagon when I got depressed. Today, I stepped on a scale and realized how much I've let myself go! I really would like to lose 100 lbs at the most... But for this year I'd like to lose 50. That would put me at 167. My main motivation is really so I can be hot for my dude ;) Also, I don't want to look bad in my work uniform as well as in clothes in general. I hope to find people who I can motivate and who can motivate me CONTINUOUSLY!!!! Add me if you'd like :) I'm on team 2:)
  • Hi I'm Christina from Alberta, Canada a married mother of four soon to be an empty nest home. I want to make this year about getting healthy and fit so I can begin to travel without stress and keep up with my husband doing the things we want to do for FUN! My only daughter moved to California in September too so I want to be able to fly down there by myself without dying of anxiety. I already feel better after a week and a half of beginning to exercise and healthier eating and want to continue that and see some big changes in my body and health by the end of the year!
  • redstanmenagerie
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    Hi, I'm in WA and I have had a chronic weight yo yo problem since the birth of my first child at 19. I'm turning 34 in 8 days and I NEED to get my weight under control. Glad to be here and have an accountability reason to work hard. Hope to loose weight with you all!

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  • GrinderX
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    I'm Alex in California. I've got over 100 pounds to lose, so i really need to lose weight for my health. I think this competition will be good motivation for me, and keep me accountable. I've been over weight since age 8, was morbidly obese by the time i got to high school. When I was 19 I lost all the weight through eating disorder and drugs and got to my goal weight. By 25 after going through treatment, I was back up to 350. I'm 32 now, and ready to lose the weight the healthy way this time.
  • zoetewijn
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    Hello, I am 45. I need to get healthy and I am determined to do it, with the help of MFP.. It will be nice to get to know everyone as we do this challenge. Good luck everyone. Will u tell us which team we are on, and where to do our weigh in at on Mondays.
  • EmilyDridan77
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    hi my name is Emily and I'm from Australia, just had baby number 2 on new years eve and i really want to lose all my baby weight and then a whole lot more. i am currently 36kgs (80lbs) overweight, and would love to give and receive as much support as you all can give.
  • Sandylovesm
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    Hi! I'm Sandy, I'm 23 and I'm French. I have already lost 33 lbs last year thanks to this wonderful community. I'm glad to be part of that new challenge! I'll be happy to support you guys! Good luck everyone! :)
  • Darrelkun
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    Some really interesting people here!

    Hey everyone, my name is Darrel. I'm 25 and recently graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelors degree in biology. I come from the beautiful evergreen state of Washington and it's nice to see one other member comes from this rocking place with me! :)

    I've been overweight since I was 10. I haven't had a relationship in over two years and I'd like to be sexy for at least a short duration of my youth. I just had surgery in September and I want to respect that privilege by getting my body into great shape.

    Three years ago I was 254 pounds, two years ago 245 pounds, and now I'm at 207.
  • neet94
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    I've already lost 3 pounds in 6 days. I'm currently 195 at 5'1". How do I add my ticker on here? My goal is to lose 68 pounds. I have a lot of medical problems. But I am determined to lose this weight and keep it off. With MFP I am able to track better and I am exercising while watching how much and what I eat. I'm 48 with 5 grandkids and I can't keep up with them anymore. This is not just a diet for me..... It's a total change of eating habits for the rest of my life. :flowerforyou:
  • melbann
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    Hi my name is Melissa. I'm 23, I'm be 24 in a couple of weeks. I've been over weight since I was in grade 6 after a traumatic verbal bully related incident left me with no confidence or self worth. It wasn't until a few years ago when I met my fiance that I finally started to heal from it.

    I'm ready to become the person I was meant to be! I am currently about 80 lbs overweight. But technically I am in the obese category. I prefer just saying overweight seem less horrible. I'm in another group that is a weight loss support group that supports you whether you gain or lose. Which I love and I need but also I have a very competitive nature and so I really like the idea of this group and being competitive (in a good positive way).

    Sounds fun to me!