Chatty bunch

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Overwhelmed by the amount of activity in this group....

Come on Cambridge people, what's the score locally. I'm originally from Liverpool way but you'll find me paddling up and down the Cam in a boat annoying swans and those narrow boat people.

What's everyone else here do to keep the pounds at bay?


  • Haha sorry mate. I set up the group then forgot all about it, what a bad example I am :glasses:

    I'm from Yorkshire originally, but I've lived in Cambridge for over 10 years now.

    For keeping fit I like cycling in Cambridge, its ideal as the landscape is so flat - but there are hills if you look hard enough, albeit not very steep!
  • ChrissieMills
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    Trust me there are hills!! not quite the same as the Quantox! but as a newbie runner they certainly are enough for me! :)
  • tansyf
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    Hi all, just rejoined after a bad 6 months of crappy eating, I live near Huntingdon, 20 minutes from the beautiful city of Cambridge :) looking forward to hearing from you xx
  • bunsen_honeydew
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    Hello! I have just recently re-started on MFP, I live in Cambridge city and don't have any friends here yet :(

    (edit: I don't have friends _on_MFP_ yet)
  • Louisa1979
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    Good to get the group going again.
    What are your diet strategies? I've successfully done Dukan and am now maintaining....
  • Hi all, I live in Sawtry near Peterborough, I've been on here a couple of week but really only started working hard at it this week, I love it but really need friends for inspiration and motivation.

    good luck everyone x
  • kdobson72
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    Hi, I live in Peterborough, 1 week into my journey and loving it so far, looking for some support and inspiration :-)
  • Lancastriana
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    Hiya I'm Lauren and from Manchester originally but have lived in Cambridge for about 7 years now. I'm also new....joined following a recommendation from a friend who has lost the best part of 5 stone of baby weight since Xmas using MFP as a support. (she looks sooooo fab! a little size 8 again!)

    I've been a little overweight for as long as I can remember, not massively (5'4'' - size 14) , just enough for me not to be body confident and HATE being in swim wear. Of late i've been feeling my clothes pinch and have been struggling to find things which I think look nice. It's also a bit of worry for my health really...

    I am due to be bridesmaid for my sister in Oct and do not want to be seen as the chubby one. I've been saying for an age that I could do with shifting some weight but am so lazy re getting round to sorting it out!

    Gonna be doing BMF at least twice a week and watching what i'm eating with the aim of sorting myself out a bit for the summer hols (i'm a teacher) with the ultimate aim of making my sis, parents and my other half proud in Oct when i'm in my bridesmaid dress.

    All support and encouragement greatly appreciated and I am easily swayed partic after a bad day ,,,,to some crisps, cake...and vino!
  • Ashleighkitty
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    I'm from Ely way but I'm in Cambridge quite a bit :) Hope you're all doing well! Although I can see not much goes on on here haha :P x
  • damifogg
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    Yeah... it's a slow burn kind of group. :-)

    I have been having mixed results with MFP. Can't really blame MFP, I just periodically decide cheat days are for the weak and if you're going to do it, make it a cheat week! Not that helpful.

    Feeling particularly motivated at the moment though, so who knows a good gym in Cambridge? I've seen the Chesterton Community Sports gym place thing does 12 passes for £65. Which seems quite good to me. I don't want to spend £40 on a gym membership as I row 4 days a week and am trying to run a lot (signed up for Cambridge Half Marathon next year - anyone else?), so I'm thinking once a week will probably be all I can commit to going the gym and doing weights.

    Anyone know if the other gyms do a similar buy a bunch of 1 day passes, or any recommendations in general?

    Cuddles Cambridge & other East Anglia people
  • bunsen_honeydew
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    I'm in what used to be Greens behind the Beehive centre, but is now a Nuffields. I pay £43pcm - I don't know if they have per-sesion memberships. I can bring a guest once a month, so if you're interested in having a look around without a sales person hassling you afterwards, just PM me.
  • kasiek8209
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    I'm part of Nuffield as well but I would recommend DW, I will move there as soon as I can change my contract :(
  • embaudin
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    Just joined the group, am hoping to move to Cambridge around May would love to get to know some folk in Cambridge before the move.
  • Bahet
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    We moved to Huntingdon in July. LOVE it here! Hubby works for the US government and we're here for 3-5 years. We spent 1 1/2 years in Germany and managed to travel a bit while we were there but didn't get to the UK.
  • damifogg
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    I'm baaaaaaaaaack!
    But is anyone else still around?

    So I quit the rowing and started drinking the Crossfit Kool aid. Got a little bit obsessive, then dialed it back to normal levels again.

    How is everyone else doing? Any new faces around?
  • LovenOutdoors1
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    Hi everyone, is this group still going? I live near Cambridge, I moved up from London in 2015.