Crossfit injury rate

GiddyupTim Posts: 2,819 Member
Did you guys see this?
Somebody finally tried to actually document how common injuries are in Crossfit.
This link is to a news report on the research:
What do you think?
I, for one, am glad someone is finally putting this bad rap to bed!


  • tibsons_girl
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    It's pretty much what i expected, but that video? Oh my god, i was cringing. I can't believe the coaches are allowing that to go on.
  • jordymils
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    Am I missing something? Couldn't see the video anywhere...
  • GiddyupTim
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    The video is at the very top of the story -- before the story starts talking about the study and its results.
    It shows a bunch of people struggling with barbells and weights that are entirely too heavy for them.
  • jordymils
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    Hmm weird, I can't see the video anywhere.
    Anyway, I've seen a bunch of videos of people doing crossfit with TERRIBLE form (like doing a c&j with alternate grip, so they have to hold the weight on their stomach while they switch their hands around) and cannot believe there are coaches out there teaching the movements like that. I guess like everything there will always be some people doing it wrong, and it's a lot easier to pick on those few than to focus on the majority that are doing it right.
    Very glad to read this though. Let's hope more people see it and realise that crossfit really isn't as horrifically dangerous as some people like to think.
  • GiddyupTim
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    Here, here.
  • kattjohnsonmfp
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    I picked up my first injury in less than a month.

    Someone dropped a 20kg plate on my foot and broke my little toe :D
  • MUALaurenClark
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    I truly have to believe that the people in the video were purposely using bad form..i mean come on...everyone in the class doesn't know how to do a clean? pretty sure it was a joke that unfortunately people are using as the real deal.
  • denniskillz
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    You know what it just goes to show that not everyone should be allowed to open a box and coach. I understand not everyone has perfect form but at the same time you need good, knowledgeable and attentive coaches. I feel Crossfit at times sold out to Reebok, it costs only $1000 for a level 1 certification which is needed in order to open a box. I can't solely blame the coach, or the box, but people get injured cause they do stupid things and push themselves to achieve things which might make their form suspect. People should just follow one rule form first strength second and they should be fine.
  • ChangingAmanda
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    I also wondered why everyone in the video from the same box were using the same bad form. According to one of the comments, they're doing a continental clean. I googled the term and found this website that explains the continental clean: Still a very awkward lift even when done right.
  • GiddyupTim
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    Funny. Says this axle, continental-clean can look like a "monkey humping a football." I would not want to try one; but then, I do not have hips to set the bar on, which is what it looks like they do. Are they readjusting their grip when the bar sits on their hips?
  • ChangingAmanda
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    Are they readjusting their grip when the bar sits on their hips?

    Yeah, it looked like most in the link were using the mixed grip to lift at first and quickly changed to double overhand when they got the bar up to their mid section.
  • jordymils
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    I don't understand this technique AT ALL. The only reason I would pick up a bar like that is if I was doing deadlifts and the weight was heavy enough that I ended up gripping with the tips of my fingers by the end of the set. Enter alternate grip. I can't see any benefit of using alternate grip over standard/hook grip...
    Holding the bar on your hips like that is sure to result in hyper-extending your back, and that's rarely a good thing...
  • madmags
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    If you can lift the weight over your head, than you shouldn't need a switch grip. I dont know any one who can due an over head press with more weight than they could deadlift. I dont care what you call it, but it looks moronic. Every single one of them had their backs torqued and begging for a blown disk.
  • PRMinx
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    Finally watched this video. The trainers at that box should have their certifications removed. If I EVER picked up a bar that way my coaches would rip into me - and then take off the weight and redirect on form.

    Barring a fluke (like dropping a weight on your toe), I think most people get injured doing CrossFit because they are competitive and take on too much at once. It's important to be smart and to slow down when you need to...

    I took a six week hiatus from CrossFit and I'm just getting back into it now. I'm not lifting weight anywhere near my PR's yet and I've even had to modify some of the WODS. Not being able to do what I used to do sucks and it's embarrassing, but it sure sucks a lot less than being injured.
  • bostonwolf
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    I'm dealing with my first real injury that I can trace to CF, but it is not that bad. Mild back strain. Muscle pull in the exact same spot I did it about 10 years ago lifting weights.

    I did the WOD last night and it involved deadlifts and cleans. As long as I stuck to good form it was fine. When I got lazy I knew it quickly. Just dropped the weight and went with it. No adverse effects today.
  • cmay89
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    I am naturally apt to injuring myself, so when I busted open my shin, it was practically inevitable. I lost focus on a high box jump and blammo, hello blood. I also have a tendency to jump head first into some things and when I first started I was so focused on getting a kipping pullup I injured my shoulder. No biggie after I learned correct form and actually listened to what my coach was telling me. *kitten* happens, particularly to those who are already accident prone.

    Now, I'm older, wiser and pay a lot more attention to my form and I have not had a semi serious injury in a year and a half. Lots of scrapes and bumps and bruises, but that's pretty much normal anyway.
  • Inkratlet
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    I am a little disappointed with the sample size in this survey. I wonder how it compares to samples taken from other sports. I'd like to see some raw data...

    For example if they are saying 75%* of CrossFit athletes pick up an injury vs. 80%* of Rugby players (*made up numbers), are the sample sizes comparable or are we saying 75% out of <200 CrossFit athletes vs. 80% out of 2000 Rugby players. Big difference.
  • GiddyupTim
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    Yes, it is not a random survey. It is fatally compromised since they asked people, 'Hey, fill out this survey on injuries due to Crossfit.' That insured that they were going to get a higher representation from people who had actually had injuries.
    But still . . . .
    It is large, and it is the only true suggestion of what the true injury rate might be . . . to answer all those people who go around insisting that Crossfit is plagued by a super-high number of injuries.
    It appears quite clearly, from this, that it is not.