Tmi keto day 3

So today is day three and I have had the trots all day. Is this common? I was worried it may go the other way but this caught me off guard.

Lol sorry for the tmi


  • Roze_Lintje
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    I had that too in the beginning, it went away after a couple of days. I think my body had to get used to all the fat. Make sure you consume enough sodium!
  • FindingMyPerfection
    FindingMyPerfection Posts: 702 Member
    Thanks, and yes I am keeping sodium and magnesium high.
  • bacitracin
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    I only get this when I eat less than fully cooked meat. Huh. I have no idea.
  • That's totally normal! Many low-carbers I know - including myself - experienced that for the first week or two (some for even longer) because our bodies weren't used to consuming so much fat. I'd suggest dividing your high fat consumption evenly over the course of your day instead of eating the majority of it at one or two meals. When I first introduced bulletproof coffee into my diet, I would have to run to the bathroom an hour later every single day that week! But eventually, my body got used to it and I was able to consume 40-50g of fat at every meal without a problem. Good luck! :)
  • fruttibiscotti
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    Wow, no, this did not happen to me.

    Do you eat copious amount of olive oil? Is olive oil your predominant fat? If yes, that could be a culprit, as in large dosages, it can loosen the stool. In fact, it's one of those "old grandma's cures" for people who are constipated.