When did you start wearing maternity clothes?



  • HealthyBodySickMind
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    I'm right there with you, bburg. I bought my first pair at 8 weeks and was wearing them almost immediately, mostly because I didn't have a lot of "wiggle room" with my pre-pregnancy pants. There were a few pairs of my regular that I could still make work longer, ones that were cut very low.
  • MandyMason7
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    I've been in maternity jeans this time since like 10 weeks, I'm 16 lbs below pre-pregnancy weight (at 22 weeks!) and there's still absolutely NO WAY I could wear my regular jeans, my baby bump is extremely prominent. I can wear a few of my XL shirts from American Eagle still since they're two sizes too big (I wear a Medium now) and are made long but the majority of the time I'm in medium maternity shirts and my maternity jeans/yoga pants.
  • misskerouac
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    I was rocking the belly bands up until this past week, I finally got some maternity jeans and some dress pants for work, i'm 19weeks.
  • tzig00
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    I'm 14 weeks and finally broke down and bought 2 pair of maternity pants and a few shirts for work. I can still fit into my regular pants with a belly band but these are more comfortable and the shirts just look better in the courtroom.
  • meggwyn
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    With my first, I was around 13-14 weeks. With the second, around the same, though I had a bella band to help! Now with my third, I pulled out my maternity pants around 7-8 weeks and realized they put way less pressure on my pubic area. I've been super bloated and that area has been kind of tender. I think even with a bella band, the jeans would push in too much to be comfortable. Now if only my pants would stay up! lol
  • vlmcwilliams
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    This is my first and have worn my maternity jeans once (im at 14 weeks), still fit most of my normal clothes, my skinnier jeans I just wear unbuttoned (have yet to get a belly band) but not sure if I will bother much longer as the maternity ones are SO much more comfortable. A few high-waisted, pencil skirts for work have already been retired though. I sew a few of my own clothes (so regularly measure myself) and my waist had increased 2 inches and my hips by 1 inch around week 6 or 7 even though I had only gained about 500 grams (<2pounds) at that point.
  • jr235
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    I never wore maternity clothes with my first. I got a few big teeshirts for around the house and maxi dresses with leggings for going out. I carried her fairly high, so I showed, but I could wear all the same pants.

    I'm definitely carrying this baby much lower, so pants that sit around my waist are feeling a bit tight. I'll probably get a belly band soon.

    ETA: I'm 12 weeks.
  • jmp2020
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    This is my first. I started wearing on a regular basis maternity clothes probably around 18-19 weeks. Things were definitely tighter on my waist and not as comfortable early on due to bloat, but now I couldn't squeeze into a pair of regular jeans even if I wanted to. 25w.