Starting 2/3

I am putting it out that officially I am starting Insanity next Monday February 3rd. Anyone else that is starting that day we can make a little group and support each other. I have a coworker that is going to start it with me as well! Very excited!!


  • I started on the first. Is that close enough?
  • joehempel
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    I'm starting Month 2 on that day....I'll be around to support...I need to DIG DEEP and BRING IT HOME!!!!
  • Awesome! I have to finish it this time for myself! I don't want to start over again
  • Go for it!!!
  • RotterdamNL
    RotterdamNL Posts: 509 Member
    Today is my second week
  • NareenaTheGypsy
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    I was supposed to start on 1Feb.. had some issues w the DVD player though and I had to wait a day :(. So I started on 2Feb with the Fit Test.

    1Feb: Fit Test (results, I'm not very fit lol!)
    2Feb: Plyo Cardio- muscle aches and light soreness only 20 min after my morning workout. That NEVER happens usually lol.
  • I think that this is great. I am starting today myself which is 2/4 so I will be here for support.
  • SisterMcKenzie
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    ***screeching in on two wheels*** I just started this morning! Close enough, right? Couldn't put it off for another Monday - my pants are too tight, haha!
  • audreykts
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    I started on the 1st so I'm pretty new at this, too. Rest day tomorrow for me (I'm really going to need it)! Although its been pretty difficult, I'm really enjoying the program. Good luck everyone!