Weigh Ins 2/4/14 Thoughts?

sasbw27 Posts: 710 Member
I'm happy with my weight loss overall but I am up from last week. I believe it's just water retention from all the strength training and running that I did this weekend. I'll check again in a couple of days.

1/21 163 lbs
1/28 159 lbs
2/4 159.8 lbs


  • I gained 4 pounds since last night O_O! I didn't pig out either. Oh well =) Still gonna keep at it.
  • Dory_42
    Dory_42 Posts: 3,506 Member
    I generally only weight every two weeks or so, but am happy to report that I had dropped on Saturday so currently at 83.2 kgs.

    I don't set dated goals as my body will drop as it feels like, not always to my schedule. My next mini goal is 82.5 kgs (10 kgs lost) followed by 80 kgs (10 kgs to go).
  • I am currently up by 1 pound but I met the week 1 challenge - I am confident that I will be where I want to be by Spring!
  • All4Tris
    All4Tris Posts: 215 Member
    I'm up a pound and frustrated!
  • moparjer
    moparjer Posts: 125 Member
    I also gained a little... I think because we had to travel and it's hard to stay on track when eating at new restaurants! Hoping for better luck by next week. Hang in there! :smile:
  • I dropped a pound......so happy.....I feel great!!
  • ruby70
    ruby70 Posts: 459 Member
    This really pushed me to stay on track. Monday I worked out extra hard & really watched my calories. I feel the most motivated I have felt in a long time. I hope I can stay strong. Good job to everyone!!! Even if you did not get the results you wanted it got you thinking about making better choices & picking up the exercise. Let's kick some a** this week!!!!
  • sasbw27
    sasbw27 Posts: 710 Member
    Yes Ruby, I agree :drinker: