Week 4

Completed week 4 day 1 today, anyone starting week 4? Hoping to complete the rest of my training outdoors if mother nature will cooperate and stop with the snow and ice! Today was gorgeous out, warm and sunny. Tomorrow will be cold again but I'm hoping the snow holds off and I can run outside :glasses:


  • apparatus195316
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    I'm on Week 4 Day 3 (and I'm thinking I may need to repeat it once or twice...the second 5 minute run has been pretty brutal!). Have you noticed any changes in shape/weight? I've noticed that a couple of my muscles seem to be getting tougher in my core, but I haven't lost any weight or inches, which is kind of a downer.
  • I've actually has some weight gain, but I think its muscles retaining fluid, thats what I'm going with anyway ! I am also doing monthly challenges of squats, leg raises and crunches so I dont know which is giving me more benefit bit I am training for a 5k with my running and then on to a 10k. I've sent you a friend request :)
  • airangel59
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    Just did W4 D2 this afternoon at the park in my profile pic. I haven't really noticed anything but I never took ANY measurements when I started this journey (600+ days ago), almost at "goal" weight (give or take since not sure what it actually will be)...started the C25K to get more of a work out than just walking (I walk 3-5 miles daily since I got my Fitbit band).

    I do agree that those 5 minute runs are brutal, if I "run" any slower, I'll be going backwards.
  • TheKatatron
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    I completed W4D1 today! The 5 minute stretches were definitely tough for me. I'm running on a dirt road (with sporadic gravel >.>) that's also very hilly. Those inclines... I use MapMyRun along with the C25k app, and my average pace for today was 19 minutes per mile. XD Taking it slow.
  • luciafernanda
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    I finally completed W4D1 yesterday! Struggled completing week 3...started off easy, then suddenly got hard! Wasn't sure if I could do it but I did so now I know I can. I'm going to the gym again tonight though so I hope I can do it again :/

    Does anyone mind if I add you? I'd love some friends who are at a similar stage to me.
  • rockstar53
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    I will be doing Wk4 D3 tonight. Yeah, the 2nd 5 min is a killer. I am doing the program on my treadmill. Really want to get outside but its way too cold and way too much snow/ice for a beginner runner! My goal is to complete the program by spring and then run outside as a "for-real runner!" LOL!
  • rockstar53
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    Would also love to have friends at the same stage here to keep motivated!