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New to Primal

Hello Everyone. I am new to primal. Stumbled across Mark's Daily Apple and have decided to give it a try. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for a newbie who is just starting to go primal. Any tips related to overcoming caffeine and sugar addictions would be greatly appreciated as well ... I am hooked on Coca Cola.


  • each_day_stronger
    each_day_stronger Posts: 191 Member
    Can you try tea? There are so many different types out there I bet you can find one that gives you the caffeine you need without coke?
    In terms of sugar I think that the best things is to try to just go without any kind of sweetener/wheat for a few weeks. It will probably feel yucky, but the good news is that you can replace it with delicious fats and protein (butter! bacon! avocado! Steak! eggs!) and of course veggies. You could do stevia, but in my experience it's better to do without just because it makes it harder to stay away from the real stuff. I would personally rather have a tablespoon of honey here and there than have stevia every morning. But your mileage may vary. I'm sure others here may think differently.
    Doing that for a while will eventually reign your sweet tooth back and it might become easier to have in moderation later if you choose to.
    The best thing though is to dive in, do whatever feels easiest or would make the biggest impact for you, and to keep learning. Keep goals small and achievable and keep moving forward. The more I learn about how things affect me, the more I want to stick with it and the better equipped I feel for the times that I "get off the wagon," and kind find my way back.
  • Akimajuktuq
    Akimajuktuq Posts: 3,037 Member
    My only advice is to decide, commit and do it. That's the only thing that works imo.

    I've been ketogenic Paleo for 20 months or so. You can see some of my story and results under the pinned "Success Stories". Check out "Recommended Reading" too.

    Welcome. :flowerforyou:
  • charleigh78
    charleigh78 Posts: 247 Member
    Stick to it 100% for at least 30-60 days. Your tastes will change and you will not crave it anymore. Have you been to the Whole 30 website? Some of my favorite books are It Starts with Food, Practical Paleo, and the cookbook Well Fed is great too.

    If possible, clear your house of illegals.
    Keep plenty of legal food on hand.
    Cook large batches of meat and veggies ahead of time for quick meals.
    Cuts several onions, peppers, etc and sautee them at one time for easy reheating.
    Eat plenty of good fat.

    Good luck
  • Lizzard_77
    Lizzard_77 Posts: 232 Member
    I second, third and fourth everything the others said. I will add that Before June of last year I had a 19 year addiction to diet coke (thanks mom). I couldn't imagine going a day without it. I found seltzer water to be my saving grace for that. I could buy it in a can, sip it all day, it's nice a fizzy, totally flexible flavor wise (I use citrus and fruits). it totally fit the bill for the action of drinking a soda.

    As far as caffeine goes, I weaned myself off it. Not a coffee drinker so I just switched 2 of my cups of tea to decaf then eventually all three. I then found some lovely herbals that I prefer to drink in the AM. It will come, just stick to it.

    Realize that the beginning will be hard but you need to truck on through it because for every slip up you will have to make up for it two fold, it will just remain hard rather than get easier. You can do this! Feel free to reach out if yo have any questions, or if you are looking for like minded friends. We are here for you :)
  • SteamClutch
    SteamClutch Posts: 433 Member
    Yup! all good advice here, I concur with the coke addiction which started when I was 11, since I drink a cup of coffee in the morning I have no cravings for anything else for the rest of the day.
  • JMPMJ1986
    JMPMJ1986 Posts: 10
    These tips are going to come in very handy. It's nice to know that there are people out there who know what it's like to make such a huge change. Thanks for all the help :)
  • Quinnstinct
    Quinnstinct Posts: 274 Member
    I used to drink about 2 liters of real coke every day in college and when I started developing cavities I quit cold turkey. It wasn't easy. I'll have a sip of it now and again years later and am always shocked at how sickeningly sweet it is. I haven't had a cavity since. One day at a time, distract yourself, reward yourself with non-food treats, and GOOD LUCK! Let us know how is goes.
  • Howbouto
    Howbouto Posts: 2,121 Member
    I just read this in "It Starts With Food" , "One 20 ounce soda has the sugar equivalent of eating 5 bananas, nine cups of strawberries and 90 cherries." I'm re-reading it for motivation.

    I thought it might put your soda habit in perspective.
  • tennisdude2004
    tennisdude2004 Posts: 5,609 Member
    Yep, try it properly for at least a month.

    If you feel better on it keep it going if not - well at least you've tried it.

    I've been doing it for over 2 months and I am still in the - it's amazing phase - lost loads of weight and have loads of constant energy.

    good luck.