March 2014 Check Ins

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On Monday March 3rd I will be doing my 2nd round of P90X, Two of my stepdaughters will be doing P90X for the first time tomorrow too. Both have done a few P90X workouts last year but never completed the entire program. It is time for me to step it up and get back 100% into it before Summer is here.

Please feel free to post weekly or daily and share anything you like including any questions. For those who are interested and those who want more accountability feel free to join my Total Team Beachbody Support and Motivation Group on Facebook. The link is below for anyone interested.


  • I have been working out to Tony Horton 10 minute trainers (1 to 3 workouts a day). Skiing and kettlebells are also part of my workouts a few days a week. My back is getting stronger. One year ago today my back was in such bad shape I struggled walking and bending. I feel like a new person. Keep up the great job everyone. :smile:
  • This Sunday will be my last day of P90X. I am happy with my results so far. My month 2 check in I lost 6 inches on my waist and 22 pounds. I am getting excited about taking measurements in a few days.

    I am resting next week for and I am undecided on what program I will start next. I will check in again in a week and let you know.
  • I have lost another pound which brings me to 82 pounds lost in 3 rounds of Power 90. I have not been at this weight in almost 15 years. It feels great to have this energy again and to feel healthy. I am getting excited about starting P90X soon.
  • teamryan90
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    Awesome job Alex. You are a machine. Over 80 pounds lost is awesome and more importantly, you have you health back. Way to go!!!!!
  • 2 more pounds lost since my last weigh-in. Skiing, Tony Horton 10 minute trainers, and kettlebells are helping me keep shed the pounds. Alex, you are kicking butt. Amazing job on over 80 pounds lost.
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    burned 561 calories doing 34 minutes of Insanity: Pure Cardio
  • I completed P90X and ended up losing 8 inches on my waist and almost 40 pounds. It was an awesome journey. In April I am starting Insanity or T25. I purchased both programs and have done a few workouts of both. I am undecided which program I will begin first.

    Great job Alex on your weight loss. You did fantastic and should be very proud of yourself.