Light of heavy lifting during weight loss

My main goal right now is weight loss. My workouts are usually 50% cardio 50% weight training. I've heard when aiming for weight loss you should do more reps with lighter weights, is this true? This is what I've been doing so far but should
I eventually begin lifting heavier before I even get to my maintenance ?


  • Phoenix_Warrior
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    Lift heavy now! The way I see it, you could take twice as long lifting lighter weights to do the work of heavy weights. I've been lifting heavy since I started the end of June. I've seen not only a complete body recomp while eating at a deficit and heavy weights but my strength gains have been decently significant too. I highly suggest heavy to start. Also, make sure you're getting about 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass, too. This will help preserve muscle mass while eating at a deficit. Also, ensure you're not eating at too aggressive of a deficit.
  • UpperBodyLowerBody
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    You will never build more muscle lifting lighter weights than what your muscle needs to grow. You have to up the weight... not just do what your body is comfortable doing.

    I am lifting heavy and losing weight btw.
  • ShrinkinMel
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    I'd think increasing weight as you get stronger is always the key losing or maintenance mode(and of course gaining too). I too am working to lose but I want to gain muscle too so it will help with metabolism and also for hopefully preventing some skin issues.

    I don't have a gym membership but I know you can do a lot of body weight exercises that help but eventually I'd get heavier home weights. Maybe find a machine later. Just not in my budget at all right now but I know I should still work on the "habit" of lifting so that when I'm able to I can start adding heavier and heavier weight.

    Problem with gaining muscle the scale may move slow and frustrate us losers and I think that is why people say that. In high school I did treadmill/bicycle cardio and lifted with machines and did increase to heavier stuff. I usually had to raise the weight anytime I followed another woman on the machines. :) Heavy is good.
  • starbucksbuzz
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    Haha, I am losing and lifting and frustrated that I can't keep upping my PR's as quickly because of it. But yes you can lose and lift just about any weight you want as long s you're eating a deficit.
  • SugaryLynx
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    I lifted heavy throughout my weight loss. I think it's very beneficial. Working on my first bulk currently. Good luck:flowerforyou:
  • Leadfoot_Lewis
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    You always want to lift the heaviest weight you can with good form, regardless of where you are in your weight loss journey.
  • MeDoula
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    Definitely heavy lifting. I started being serious about heavy lifting in August last year and lost a nice amount of fat while putting on 5 lbs of LBM. My nutrition hasn't been greatest in the last three months. My fat loss would have been greater for sure. Upping weights is really challenging since I'm eating in a deficit but that's fine with me for now.
  • Qarol
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    It depends on how much fat you have to lose. You can do a bit more reps for glycogen depletion. But we're talking 12-15. No higher than 15 per set. Lyle McDonald has a series discussing the benefits of this for the obese beginner.

    But it's gotta be heavy. For you. Like that last rep is tough, maybe you have one or two sets left in the tank, heavy.