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Introduce yourself here! Who are you? Where are you from? Where do you currently reside? What do you do there?

I'm Rachel, and I'm from a small town between Buffalo and Rochester, New York. I'm an ESL/EFL teacher, currently in Moscow, Russia. In September I'll be a bit north of here, doing the same in St Petersburg.


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    Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm from Livermore, California. I currently live in Strängnäs, Sweden. I live with my fiance, work, and study here. I work as a home language teacher and currently studying Swedish history before I go back to Physics.

    You may also know me as the one who started the American Expat thread. :P
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    Hey everyone, I'm Mike. I'm originally from Westchester, New York, but lived many years in Tampa, FL, until now residing in Panama City, Panama for the last three months. I live here with my wife, who is a duel Panamanian/US Citizen. I telecommute to a marketing job I have in the US. I'm slowly picking up Spanish, but having her to act as my translator and help me get around the city definitely helps.
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    I'm Stephen, 26, from Long Island, NY. I'm a stay-at-home husband to the most amazing man I've ever known (knowing him since pre-school helps, too). I moved to Germany fairly quickly - my husband asked me to marry him in August '13, we got married that same month, then Imoved to Germany (where he has lived since he was 12) that October, so I've not even lived or been married for a year quite yet, but I have visited him in Germany every summer since he left, so Germany feels like a second home to me.
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    Hey all! I'm Linnie and I'm from Sterling, Illinois (also Milwaukee Wisc for 10 yrs) and I live in New Zealand on the North Island in the Waikato District. I''ve been here for 17 yrs.
    I met my husband on the net (believe it or not) in 1995 and after he made a trip to visit me in '96 I returned to NZ with him and have never looked back.
    In the U.S. I was a Radiographer, but gave that up over here and studied Pharmacy for 5 yrs and became a Tech. I loved my job but after being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in 2002, I finally "retired" 2 yrs ago.
    I only miss a few things in the States (besides my family) and have no plans of ever returning there to live.
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    Hi all, I'm Orion. I was born in Canada but have lived in many different places. I've lived in Asia for the past five years. Right now I live in China with my Chinese husband and our 18-month-old son, and work as an ESL/EFL teacher. We plan to move to Canada this year, but I haven't been to Canada in almost 20 years, and honestly I'd be happy to never go back. This girl likes to live on the road!
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    British born. Left U.K. in 2005 and spent almost 7yrs in Czech Republic, moved back to U.K. for 2yrs, and landed in South East Asia, Kuala Lumpur last November.
    Working in an International School as a Supply AT, and teach TEFL privately.
    Could well be on the move again in the next 12mths to either Jakarta or Australia through husbands work.

    Hate having the grass grow beneath my feet!
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    Hei hei! I'm Bunny, I'm from the mountains of North Carolina. I just realized how nature show that sounds. I live in Steinkjer, Norway pretty much smack dab in the center of the country. Mountains to my right, fjords to my left. I live with my husband of 4 years on Wednesday and our freshly baked small man grumbler. I'm staying home with him until he's two and with any luck will get a job or job practice after that.
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    Hi, I'm Caz. I was born in South Africa, lived there till I was 12 then moved to Scotland. Now I am living and working on an island called Hainan just off of mainland China. Been here for about 9 months now, and have not looked back since I left. I miss my family but that is it. Love it here!
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    Good afternoon everyone! My name is Michelle and I am from Ontario, Canada. I am currently living In Lavigny, Switzerland with my Swiss husband and our 2 Canadian cats. All of his family is here and had wanted to move back for awhile. The opportunity presented itself to us and we have lived here since May 2013. I am currently not employed, but rather am enrolled in an intensive french course. It has definitely had its ups and downs in the last year, but we are finally settled in. And it really is a beautiful country!
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    Hej! Jessica here from Olive Branch, Mississippi. Moved from New Jersey to central Portugal with my man and fat cat 2.5 years ago. We enjoyed a mini early retirement, traveling all over and visiting the family I have in Europe.

    We just moved to southern Denmark 5 weeks ago for a great job opportunity. I'm still unemployed but am working on learning Danish and hope to enter the job market soon.

    I'm a lucky one with dual citizenship (my mother's Portuguese), so living in Europe and being closer to friends and family here has always been my goal. Now, it looks like we get to stay here for good!!!

    Not much going on in my town, but I love visitors!! All are welcome to visit :)
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    Hei alle sammen! My name is Tatiana, originally from Redondo Beach, California but have lived all over the US. Moved to Ørsta, Norway a little over a year ago. Married my Norwegian husband in June 2013. Currently attending language classes and plan on doing volunteer work soon. Hope to have enough of the language down by the end of this year so I can get a job.
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    Hi all, I'm Aidy - born in Scotland, grew up in New Zealand and spent the last 14yrs in Australia - I've finally made the LONG trip home and have been living in Edinburgh, Scotland for 1.5yrs now.

    I've been struggling with my weight for several years and am finding it even harder in Scotland as I know far less people and don't have the same support network I had at home. The weather is also MUCH colder and it's easier to stay in and eat hot comfort food rather than get outside and moving.

    My scottish partner and I have decided to tackle this challenge together this time, so hopefully you'll see the scales shift for me soon!

    Great to meet you all

    Aidy :)
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    Hi! Debi here. I was born in Detroit and lived there for the first 37 years of my life.

    Then, like the silly wife that I am, I followed my (also American) husband to the Netherlands in 2001.

    We stayed in Nederland from 2001 to 2003, then moved to Ireland where my youngest was born. After her birth, I gained a LOT of weight. Heck, I was 41, and I just wanted chocolate (slathered in Peanut Butter!). Then we moved back to Nederland in 2006 and have lived here ever since.

    While I managed to lose the weight at first, I found maintenance difficult. I went from 190 to 116, but now I've been hovering around 140 for the past several months. I would love some help getting back to the 125-130 range and STAYING there!

    Nice to meet you all!
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    Yay! Glad this group is taking off! I made a couple threads earlier. Feel free to add to them, or add any thread you wish.

    Welcome everyone! :)
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    I am an expat, but haven't moved all that far :) I grew up in New England in the US, but moved to Montreal, Canada 7 years ago. My husband is originally from Morocco, so we lived there for a year while waiting for our Canadian immigration paperwork to come through. We are now only a few months away from Canadian citizenship!

    We are fortunate that we can have the best of both worlds, living in another country but only a short few hours drive away from family in the US, whom we visit frequently. I also do most of my shopping back home, since the taxes and prices in general are higher here. There are pros and cons to living here, but it's a nice city and I love being able to benefit from having a connection to both countries.

    As for my weight, I gained quite a bit with my first two children, then lost it, but gained it back after our first move to a new state. Lost it again, then slowly gained it all back plus a lot more with the stress of two intercontinental moves and and uncertain financial situation in our new community. I have finally accepted my life as our "new normal" and have taken back my life and my health rather than sedating myself with pretzels, Reese's and Nutella peanut butter sandwiches :) I do like traveling and seeing the world, but I also crave stability and routine and would never have chosen to leave my home area if circumstances hadn't presented themselves as they had.

    Finally finding peace, acceptance and balance in my new life!
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    Hello everyone my name is Regina. From Pasadena, California. Moved to Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) in 2004 for an awesome job opportunity. Can't believe it's been 10 years already! Love it here.
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    Hi there! My name is Wendi.

    As long as I can remember I knew I wanted to teach. When I was 11 I discovered the job of teaching for the DODEA and wanted to do that, specifically in Germany. I still want to do this and currently gaining as much teaching experience as possible to my foot in the door. Got married in college, got even fatter than I was as a teenager. Left my husband and decided that I wanted to travel. There was no better time to do it than when I literally had nothing in my possession other than my children's books (life of a teacher) and my clothes. So I sold my car, got a job in China, bought a ticket and moved within 3 months. That was in 2011, and it is by far the best yet most frustrating experience of my life.

    I spent one year in China and lost about 30 pounds pretty quickly. The following year I moved to Taiwan and have lost about another 50 pounds since then. It is hard and easy all at the same time. I am planning a new move to Southeastern Turkey at the end of the current school year. I am hoping to lose about another 20 pounds total and it would be fantastic if I could lose most, if not all, before I leave Taiwan. I would to go to Turkey in firm maintenance mode.

    Feel free to add me!
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    Hi Everyone. My name is Elaine. Originally from South Africa; been in Queensland Australia for the last 5 years. Really enjoy living in paradise but miss all the African animals and the vibrancy of Africa.:flowerforyou:
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    I am from Brooklyn, NY but i have been in Toronto for the last 3 years. My husband is British/Canadian. I am now a housewife, but not by choice. The immigration process has been so frustrating that we plan to move back to the States. Hopefully by the end of the summer. Looking forward to rejoining the workforce and a cheaper cost of living.
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    My name is Nikki, I come from Long Island, NY! I lived in NC for a few years before making the move to Sweden to live with my swedish boyfriend who I met on the internet (many years ago). I've been living in Sweden close to Stockholm now for almost 2 years! Currently I'm somewhat of a stay-at-home girlfriend though nobody seems to mind (I do all the cleaning around the house and help out as much as possible!). We live with his parents because my guy is studying so it's much more economical, we don't want to take out student loans to pay for rent! Also his parents won't let us move out, too expensive they say, lol. I brought my 2 furbabies with me from the US!
    Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm from Livermore, California. I currently live in Strängnäs, Sweden. I live with my fiance, work, and study here. I work as a home language teacher and currently studying Swedish history before I go back to Physics.

    Seems we have a little in common lol :)