Godzilla (2014)

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Why has no one spoken of this movie on here yet!? Have you all not seen it yet!?

I dont...

...I can't...

.......To those that have seen it, what the heck did you guys think of it!?


  • cosmiqrust
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    seen it twice in the past week and i don't have words for how much i loved it ok. completely launched me back into the franchise and i've spent the past few days consuming as many of the old ones as i can get my greedy pirate hands on.

    the only thing they could have done to make it better was maybe write some humans that didn't have the personalities and character development of cardboard. then again, i'm a transformers fan, and i've seen the michael bay films so many times i'm practically immune to extraneous human drama.

    but all i know is i was 100% one of those obnoxious people cheering and jumping in their seat when he got his atomic breath on. :love:
  • Francl27
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    I really liked it, just still kinda confused about how the female lay eggs though when they can't possibly have been fertilized, as the only interaction she had with the male was when he gave her the nuke... And yeah, shallow characters, but it was still pretty fun (I cheered for Godzilla too).
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    Haha YES!


    Yea I couldn't stand the character writing between the older son and his wife. The acting kinda made the scenes that starred them feel like fillers since it would be too expensive to have that much Godzilla/Muto screen time. When Bryan Cranston died... I was shocked, appalled, and forgot why I was in the movie. But about 12 minutes later, I remembered as Muto and Godzilla kicked *kitten*. It was awesome/amazing/astounding.

    Yea I was one of those that cheered too. That final K.O. had the entire theatre (IMAX, full house) freaking the freak out. It was amazing.

    Took me back to watching the old ones. So much fun. I can't wait for the next one!

    -Side note-
    Yea, he does look a bit more hefty compared to the other ones.. but for some reason (probably because I'm American) I'm cool with it. Makes him look more bada$$!
  • MeepleMuppet
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    Loved it with two exceptions: Bryan Cranston's constant crying, and the fact that his son was apparently the Forrest Gump of the whole affair (and by that I mean he was conveniently everywhere). Two things I loved: the complete lack of shouty speechifying and "Let them fight." That line actually made me squeal. After the movie, my husband and I got into a 45 minute debate about which was better, Pacific Rim (shouty) or Godzilla (less shouty). My husband liked Pacific Rim better, I think you can guess my opinion.
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    I liked Godzilla better too!
  • Mr_Cape219
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    Something about Pacific Rim didn't sit well with me, compared to Godzilla. I think it was the pacing. I wanted to see more robot development. I felt like they didn't let me get into the way the world was before tossing me headfirst into multi robot v.s. Kaiju fight.

    Thats not to say I didn't enjoy Pacific Rim. Charlie Day, GLaDOS (at least a GLaDOS-esque voice) as the robot's OS, corny Ron Perlman, the mean dude from The Office were all greatly cast, imo. Not to mention that the Kaiju/Jeager fights were a pinch faster paced and tense.

    But dat damage on Godzilla tho.