How did you meet?

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For those of you in great did you meet? What's your take on Dating Sites?


  • ThePinkPanda
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    i met my current girlfriend online. i tried a lot of dating sites but i personally liked okcupid. there's a few people on here that disagree with this choice lol. either way, i had no issues with online dating and it was a different dating pool than people my friends knew or who frequented the gay bars. a refreshing change of scenery i guess heh.
  • I met my girlfriend on a dating site as well, funny thing is I wasnt on there looking for anything.. a friend of mine was on the site and asked me to come on..(its a dating chat site) so I was like, eh why not... My girl n I have have just celebrated our 6th anniversary together.. 5 1/2 of them living together.
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    We met in high school :) Still going strong.
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    My girlfriend and I met at work, and while I wouldn't normally recommend dating coworkers it has worked for us.. We've been together for 8 years!!
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    Well, my girl and I have been together for about 2 years now. I love her with all of my heart.
    We met each other you at school, but she moved and we weren't in touch. My friend actually gave her my number and she called me. At first, I was very confused and thought that it was a joke. It was first just a friendship, but now it's a relationship. Its a little hard since the lives in another state, but we make it work out. each time I see her (when she's up here) It's like we just started dating. I hope that we eventually get married 'cause she is, without a doubt, my soul-mate.
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    Tried dating online. Got into some interesting scenarios. Lot of girls in relationship with a guy who said their cool with it (obviously not) and well you know. And here we are!

    I have a semi long story but i'll try be succinct.

    So beginning of Sophomore year I was playing Rugby first string. I never really went to the gay clubs or events at school because I was always doing sports(Rugby and Martial Arts). I went to them here and there but not really a huge presence. Anyway, so i playing and then i got hurt........really badly. I chipped my femur. I was on crutches for 6 months. Anyway in that time i decided to start going to gay events because I hate staying and home and wanted to do stuff. I went to our biggest LBTQ club one night. I was back row of the first section. This girl was in front of me. Guys i gotta say it. The back of her head was RIDICULOUS! Anyway, I was cracking jokes and i heard her laughing. So i kept doing it and then she turned around. I froze like a doofus. But anyway we went back and forth. I found out she studying Vocal Performance for opera so "made fun" of it a little. I think it's really cool btw. And she sassed me back a lot. Anyway we were vibing. It was at the end. Remember how I said I was super broken.......yea still was so I didnt get her name or number.

    Fast forward to sad things. She was a freshman at this time and if you remember college freshman they travel in packs. I knew she had breakfast with her "pack" at 10am on Fridays. I tried to go as often as I could. I remember TRYING to talk to her and failing epically. Sadness

    Fast forward to April. I'm finally fixed and walking for the most part. I was talking to a buddy on the bus and look near the back and notice this girl giving me the smile. I said bye to my friend and walked over. Man this girl has some eyes.........some beautiful eyes and hair. I couldn't even. Anway talked on the bus. Confirmed she was gay (you know what i'm talking about) and hit it off. I walked her to her class and said "so i'm going to get your number right?" She gave me a smirk and then gave it to me.

    Now it's 3 years later. Still going strong and living together. I'm going to love the crap out of the girl for the rest of my life :)
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    I met my wife through a friend VIA At that time we lived at either ends of the country but after a year I convinced her to move for me and we've been together now for 6 years, married for nearly 1.
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    I've met my girlfriends in various places....through friends, a the bar, at work. Never tried online dating, makes me feel too vulnerable lol
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    I met my sweet love on an alternative website. We were just looking for friends to hang out with and sparks flew!

    Sparks still fly even after nearly 5 years together.

    :smooched: :smooched: :smooched: