Newbie in need of friends!

Hey guys, just joined MFP today after hearing good things and wondered if there's anybody else that's looking to lose about 20lbs and just generally tone up? If so feel free to add me!

Good luck to you all with reaching your goals! ????


  • csman49
    csman49 Posts: 1,100 Member
    hi tmarie - feel free to add me... different goals but i am quite supportive of my small list of friends
  • _mr_b
    _mr_b Posts: 300 Member

    Am down to my last 7 or 8 pounds now but feel free to add me if you want.
  • sprucey85
    sprucey85 Posts: 64 Member
    I need to lost a lot more than 20lbs but feel free to add me!
  • sophieR12
    sophieR12 Posts: 43
    im here anyone can add :) toning up and losing and generally getting healthier :)
  • blugetsfit
    blugetsfit Posts: 6 Member
    Hiya! I'm new here too and could use some friends so feel free to add me :-)
  • Smirnoff65
    Smirnoff65 Posts: 1,060 Member
    Have been on this journey since January and doing really well if anyone needs any advice or encouragement feel free to add me.
  • greentray
    greentray Posts: 35 Member
    On day 22, feel free to add me as a friend x
  • sonikwizdom
    sonikwizdom Posts: 56 Member
    feel free to add me :)
  • kannh89
    kannh89 Posts: 48 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me :-)
  • Feel free to add me, I have a long journey but so far enjoying it :)
  • ahoynatalie
    ahoynatalie Posts: 7 Member
    Add away :)
  • Feel free to add me :smile:
  • Golfcat75
    Golfcat75 Posts: 15 Member
    Hi, new on here and like you got about 20lbs to shift, and a bit of toning and definition won't go amiss with it! Please add me if you like ????
  • strengthandhonour4eva
    strengthandhonour4eva Posts: 221 Member
    Fit Brit here :) add away