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so I decided to start t25 with the idea of weight loss I have put on some weight not much but would like to be about 5lbs slimmer to debloat the belly before bathing suit season I am 29 5'2 1/2 and 145
normally I lift and circuit train but I decided maybe I needed more cardio.... well 3 1/2 weeks in and no weight loss infact probably a lb or 2 of gain! I eat between 1600-1900 calories im thinking all cardio isn't a good thing but you would think when you burn 220 calories in 20 minutes youd lose something I haven't even lost inches!!!! advice please !


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    A lot of times when people start a new exercise programme they end up holding onto water weight. I wouldn't stress out too much about it. I'm almost exactly the same size as you and I'm eating almost 1900 calories, weight lifting heavy weights with little cardio and losing 1/2 lb a week on average and my body is 'tightening'. 5 lbs before bikini season means you are trying to lose quick weight instead of slow weight which is not great for your body, particularly as you aren't that big anyway. I would just increase your weight lifting (heavier weights) and continue to do the circuits and keep eating enough. Your muscles will look fabulous!
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    thanks so much!
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    Cardio asks your body to store more carbs to do the workout, since that's what is used at probably 50% minimum or more depending on intensity.

    Carbs store with water in the muscles.

    And that's beyond the muscle retained water merely for repair as mentioned. That'll fluctuate.

    More carbs won't unless you just stop eating so many and body doesn't get enough to store.
    But that would be as useful as thinking lower blood volume to lose that water weight is useful. (which is actually another response to cardio)
    Body needs it for what you are asking it to do.

    With only 15 to go in total, hope you have reasonable goal of 1 lb weekly or less.
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    ... my mantra....

    workout/exercise for fitness
    diet/eat less to lose weight