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$89.00 waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasted.

Most days like most people it doesn't bother me much. I like my freedom and being single, I should have totally done this when I was 19, instead of getting married and all that hoo ha. Oh well I have my lovely girlies! I wouldn't trade it.

But gosh darned it. Looking at that stuff, is a little depressing :grumble: ok frustrating.

I think what triggered this bummer moment, is the fact that there's a kid on facebook that I met thru a gal at work, and he's cute and red hair/blue eyed and all, but he is the needy-est man on the face of the earth.
The only way he finds happiness is if he has a woman. And his current "woman" looks like she could be his mother. Eh... Good for him, but it makes me sad that he hasn't found his happiness with himself yet. - I know I know...Nothing to do with me, except made me realize to shut up. I'm single. :noway:

I know I know,.....rational thinking right? LOL.


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    I think most people who have been single for a while feel like that. I'm only 23 but I've never had a serious boyfriend and all of my closest friends are in serious long-term relationships. I get so lonely sometimes. It'd be nice to have someone just to go on dates with and someone to spend some time with instead of going straight home after work. None of my friends hang out with me unless their boyfriends can come as well and that's just not fun.

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm just too picky because there are men who are interested in me, just no men that I'm interested in in return.

    I think we're in the same boat, but good luck. :smile:
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    I used Match too and found it a complete and utter waste of money.
    I had 1 date and he spent all night staring at my chest and talking about his ex trapped him.
    I had 1 other email but never met the guy because he told me that his bestfriend, who was a girl, would have to approve of me first before he would consider anything with me. WTF??

    I did have a lot of luck with Eharmony, I liked how they sent me the matches and I never felt overwhelmed searching thru.

    That said, I went on ALOT of dates, and I smacked my head against the Single Peeps wall a lot, but then I met Shawn :) It happens, just keep plugging away.

    Good luck lady!
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    Sometimes I wonder if I'm just too picky because there are men who are interested in me, just no men that I'm interested in in return.

    Depending what it is about them, I think the nice, respectful, good males you need to give a chance if you can. Took me a LONG time with Shawn - poor fella - but once I realized he was meant for me, it has been basically fireworks and we are getting married in January. I know this doesn't happen for everyone, but I finally gave a good guy a chance and it worked in my favor. He was patient though lol.