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I was wondering how many gamers out there follow E-Sports? MLG? SC2/WCS? LoL/Dota2 EVO? IntelMasters?

I am a huge fan of SC2 and have been following for a few years now. I even tried playing in an MLG event a while back but it ended poorly... I also hope to make it to the EVO championship one year. I have some sick Eddy Gordo skills :p

As a follow up question... Do you think competitive gaming should be considered a sport?


  • Slimithy
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    A sport? No. Not anymore than Poker or Chess are sports. The only E-Sport I've gotten into so far is competitive Hearthstone, but that is because I love that game. I've not played LOL or DOTA, so I can't follow what the players are doing. And I've never been half decent at multiplayer Starcraft so I haven't gotten into watching others play it. If there was a Barcraft near me I might would get into to it as I'd be exposed to more E-Sports community.
  • en4cerd43
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    I think e-sports is its own genre, much like motorsports. I wouldn't consider an F1 driver or a Nascar guy an athlete but you cannot deny they put in a ton of work to master their craft. Competitive gamers train intensely to be the very best. That certainly should not be confused with athletics but it shouldn't be discounted either. A term should be coined indicative of that.
  • alodiaa
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    I watch the NA LCS pretty religiously.
  • radiii
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    I pre-ordered a CLG Jersey when they went on sale a month or two ago... LOL has overtaken everything but the NFL for me as far as interests.

    As to whether its a sport or not, I dunno. I don't really care about that distinction at all. I care that the league system in all regions is competitive, well structured, and provides excitement. Its definitely structured like a good sports league (albeit a young one, they still have things to improve), but the activity itself, meh, I don't care what its called.