Quest 3: Me Against the Music

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"Son, I am disappoint"


Quest Objectives:
-The Overseer has received a reprimand letter from his commanding officer. Help the Overseer get back on track.
-In order to complete this quest, you must surpass the Overseer in at least three of the following metrics this week:
*distance traveled (mileage).
*average daily water intake
*number of curl ups performed.
*number of push ups performed.
*percentage lost at weigh in.
-extra credit will be given for excelling in more than 3 metrics

Quest Rewards:
-200 XP
-Rare weapon: [Charlene]: +4 DMG. A handcrafted .44 Magnum replica of Col. Autumn's [Missing Heart]. Charlene has a 20% chance of instantly killing an enemy.
-Overseer's Blessing perk.


  • chism21
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    HOW WILL WE KNOW The numbers to beat!!?
  • You will have to wait until Monday ;-)
  • bomftdrum
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    Do we need to post our numbers daily in our exercise diary or our we going on honor system?
  • daybehavior
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    I trust you guys but if you want to post your numbers here daily for your own records feel free.
    -I walked x miles today
    -did 25 push ups, etc

    Or you could just keep it to yourself until next week.

    < The Overseer >
    "I won't let you down Colonel Autumn!!!"

    The Overseer casts Time Crash!
    xD Sneak Critical Attack on all Competitors
    :O Movement speed and Experience gains reduced by 75%
  • JunonSailorStyle
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    You're going down, Tyrant.
  • daybehavior
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    So you wanna play with magic?
    Boy you should know what you're falling for.
    Peter, do you dare to do this?
    Cuz I'm comin' atcha like a Dark Horse...
  • bomftdrum
    bomftdrum Posts: 270 Member
    Does mileage only count as extra exercise or can I count how much I walk at work as well?
  • Yes any activity that accumulate mileage counts :-)
  • ThePinkPanda
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    this might be a dumb question but what are curl ups? are they like bicep curls? sorry >.<
  • bomftdrum
    bomftdrum Posts: 270 Member
    I took them as sit ups.
  • daybehavior
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    Yes indeed :)
  • bomftdrum
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    Distance traveled was about around 21 miles, but if you include work today then it will be about 23 miles.
    Average daily water intake is about 17 cups of water daily. One first thing in the morning and then a gallon the rest of the day.
    125 push ups
    125 sit ups. That is all I got.
    I weigh 232. I will put this here until the weekly weigh in thread.
  • ReinasWrath
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    *distance traveled (mileage). ~ 11 miles
    *average daily water intake ~ 12 cups
    *number of curl ups performed. ~ 0 (opps )
    *number of push ups performed. ~ 0 (opps again)
    *percentage lost at weigh in. ~ loss of 0.2 lbs
  • daybehavior
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    Wrapping everything up, great job yall :D

    Distance Traveled - 12 miles
    Avg water intake - 5 cups
    Curl ups - 105
    Push ups - 50
    Percentage loss 0

    Congrats Peter, Brian and Reina!
  • Odwaroftorn
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    Since I started after this quest (Although, knowing the numbers I could still do it, but I'm involved in other quests so...)

    May I use Megumi's favor and have this completed for me by her? If so I'll send her a dozen violets. I want to own a pluto.relinquish and need more gold to purchase one. Glad you like the side comments.
  • daybehavior
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    Oops sorry I missed this! Yes you can my man.