Learing the term's

lqichick Posts: 162 Member
So, I need to ask everyone a question.

I am new to yoga, and I want to learn the meanings of the different terms and the names of the poses etc. Is there a good book to read?



  • jbee27
    jbee27 Posts: 356 Member
    Also in for recommendations!

    I'm pretty new to yoga as well, but I've learned a lot just from being attentive during classes.
  • lqichick
    lqichick Posts: 162 Member
    Oop's I can't spell for crap it was to be learning in the title.
  • yoginimary
    yoginimary Posts: 6,778 Member
    I know there are a few apps that can help you learn the Sanskrit names of the poses. Is that what you are looking for?
  • hellsbells3272
    hellsbells3272 Posts: 128 Member
    I am lucky, my instructor uses both sanskrit and English.
    But if I want to know any names I just google them x