What did doc say when you brought up calorie-counting?

Nedra19455 Posts: 241 Member
I am going to be talking to a midwife today and asking her about calorie-counting while pregnant. I am nervous that she's going to just tell me to "eat a healthy diet" and not give me calorie goals that I can use. What did your practitioner say when you asked?


  • kalyrra
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    When I asked my OB, she told me during 1st Tri to eat normal (as much as possible with morning sickness). During 2nd and 3rd Tri, to add about 300 calories or so. For me personally, she said I should be eating 18-2000 calories. (I maintain around 15-1600)
  • beautyforashes0890
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    My first appointment is Thursday, but I plan on bringing it up as well. I think as long as you are not depriving yourself or trying to lose, you are eating when hungry, etc., the doctor won't mind calorie logging. I mean if we have been logging long enough we can typically have a rough estimate of what we take in just by keeping track of it in our head. (Of course, I always underestimated calories thus why I'm here!) MFP just kinda keeps things organized and tracked out. I don't see why your doctor or mine wouldn't approve it, with of course the disclaimer to NOT diet.
  • joianett
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    I have found that EVERY doc is different on their views. Some think that calorie counting is beneficial and necessary but other's look at it as a negative. It can be a negative if you let it run your life but if you explain to the doctor that you want to be in control of you weight gain and be as healthy as possible, I don't see how they can discourage that? On top of that, the standard is XXX amount calories more per trimester and if you don't log, how do you know you're on track?

    Logging has been an eye opener for me in so many ways! You really get to see what nutrients you eat a lot of or need more of, which is so beneficial, pregnant or not, but during pregnancy it can help you make sure you are getting what you really need, you know what i mean?

    Anyway, I think that if you explain it the right way, your doctor will have a good attitude about it.
  • mommyrunning
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    With my 2nd daughter the docs & staff dismissed my concern about my weight and wanting to continue running several times a week. (I'd been training for a marathon). I got discouraged and gained about 45-50 lbs.

    With this pregnancy (baby #3) my midwife (new doctor's office) was more supportive. I told her I was concerned about my starting weight (8lbs over healthy BMI plus lots of belly fat from last pregnancy) she made a joke saying basically I was too worried about it. However, she did tell me I don't "need" to gain weight in the first trimester and then gave me a goal of around 25 lbs total in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. I've gained around 2 lbs total so far and enter the 2nd trimester in just over a week. She seemed supportive of me tracking my food.
  • Nedra19455
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    Met with the midwife today. She asked how many calories I was eating now and I said 1,740 net, but closer to 2,000-2,500 gross, and that I have been losing 1 lb per week using this method. She said that they'd want me to eat 1,800 because that's what folks in their gestational diabetes clinic are asked to eat. 1800 net is still well below my maintenance calories, but I figure she's probably okay with me losing a little, since my BMI is 33.5.
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    I haven't gained a lot and haven't been ravenously hungry. I brought up my concern and she said I'm doing just fine and baby is doing great. She said don't stress, eat when I'm hungry, make healthy choices, and don't go to town on Twinkies just because I think I should be X-amount of weight by now.